Level select when feeding your troops souls?

Okay, so I play Gems of War nearly exclusively on PC now, but started on console and I occasionally drop back in on it to see what’s new. One thing that console has that I was really hoping would be coming to PC is level selection.

On console, you can pick the level that you want to upgrade a troop to and the total required amount of souls is displayed. Now that I have all my kingdoms at level 10 on PC and am looking towards “starring” them, this would be an incredible addition.

As the system currently sits, it is dreadful to even think about leveling troops up and repeatedly mashing the upgrade button as to not spend all the souls for a full ascension. I don’t know, I think this is a necessary “quality of life” feature that would drastically improve player enjoyment (and not make level troops/starring kingdoms feel like such a drag).


I hope this is one of the quality of life changes they are bringing to the next patch. I would be so happy. This gets really tiresome and repetitive. Same with having to use the arrows to ascend… Why can’t I just press the ascend button?? What is the purpose of clicking 50 times to reach mythic?

Yes. I have always wondered why there isn’t another button to fully ascend a troop without the multi-click absurdity.

C’est la vie…