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Mass Level-Up Idea

As I have not very cared about kingdom power much, I did not level up troops much…
Now, I have 250 Level 1 troops… And I’d like to get them on higher levels… but it would take sooooooo long…
So I got an idea, as there is a Mass Disenchantment, why not Mass level up…?
You’d just choose, whether you want to level up all of the troops, or only from some kingdom, and you’d, just as a usual leveling up, turn the leveling wheel and it would show you the price, it would cost to level up all the troops to level 2 or 3 or 10 or 15. It would save a lot of time.
Just an idea that got into my mind, what do you think…?


I like the idea and don’t disagree!

While you wait for this quality of life upgrade, here’s how I handled this problem, it’s not particularly clever:

I picked a kingdom, the smartest would be “one you are close to leveling” but I did alphabetically for effort. I leveled everything to 5, then 10, etc. until I couldn’t level anything any further. Then I moved to the next kingdom.

This minimized the amount of scrolling I had to do, since the list likes to snap to where you moved a troop as opposed to where you were in the scroll order. The levels to stop at might be different now: when I did it then kingdom power was in the old system so every level counted.


Remember the old days where you had to do one level at a time? Whew, that was a pain.