Level 978 Player Looking for a Guild

Hey guys ,
I am currently looking for a new guild.
Kingdoms: All @Level 10 , all between 5-6 Stars
Weekly income ~600-700k Gold ,200 trophies,1,5k Seals

I’m pretty active in chat .

Thanks in Advance

Foxxi ;D

Hi foxxi:)) Safe Word #98 lvl 319 have a spot if you r interested we do 20k seals:))

If you are still looking, check out The Black Pearl (Fairly casual guild, currently ranked 12th) - we currently have one place free

Is 200t your normal?

[Gets popcorn and waits patiently for response]



Since the quoted post was deleted (which I had kind of hoped), I should delete my respons too.

:grinning:[crunch crunch]

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[deleted] …

Look at it from this perspectiv:
He wanted to move to a more ambitious guild, but didnt want to give the same idea to the rest of the members of your guild. Instead of saying - im leaving you for better performing guild, he said he plans to play less. Maybe it was a “white lie” to prevent lossing more members.

Or maybe he felt bad about leaving the guild after being admin for half a year.

I just felt really angry and disappointed when I made that post. I’ll delete it now.

Sorry Foxxi, I hope I just got it wrong.


Wow this got blown Out of Proportion really quickly. Fisch, I understand that ist looks like I ditched you on purpose. This was not the case. In fact I kinda regretted m decision after mere 3 days. This was when I asked my buddy, who is still a member of GiantBomb, wether there were free spots available . Turned out there were none available.
So, instead of asking him to kick somebody just to enable my return, I decided to search for another guild.

I don’t know if that is an answer you can live with, but I can’t force you to believe me.


Tl;Dr: wanted to return ,old guild was full, searched for a new one,found one

Thanks Foxxi for you answer, that is an answer I can certainly live with :slight_smile:
I’m sorry for my harsh reaction, and I wish you the best luck in your new guild.

It’s all good buddy. I’ll see you around :wink:

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*sighs and puts popcorn down…