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Let's predict upcoming legendary traits

In keeping with the dev’s vision of making each round take as long as possible, I’m expecting the following:

Enervate - Drain 2 mana from a random opponent on 4 or 5 match.
Molasses - Make gems fall at 1/10 speed.
Boredumb - Unit has no spell to cast, but matching 3 of its color drains that color from opponent.
Anti JemiMaw - Cover opponent’s Maw in syrup and slap it with pancakes, then increase Maw’s casting cost to 35. Triggers on 3-match.
Rerun - Resurrect all allies at full health on 3 match.


This topic…


Aaaaaaand instantly muted. Nice try.

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Well your first suggestion sounds very interesting :slight_smile:


What level are you? End game?

Im 250ish and going through matches fairly quick.

Sounds like you need a break…I’m rather enjoying the time away from the game.

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All allies and opponents. Rerun is rerun :wink:
This thread should be closed. Before it was started. Just… don’t give the devs such ideas :cold_sweat:

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Just pour it on.