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Let's make a point

We should all set a fire bomb defense in PvP. The devs wanna keep playing games, let’s do the same. Epic tasks would a breeze if we all did this.


I am setting this for maximum gold and minimal effort for whoever play me

How does that maximize gold for people who play against you? Maximizing gold for your opponent should be able making the match end as quickly as possible.

On a different note though, PvP is an absolutely joke right now. Last week we had first place do something like 4300 win streak and second place like 4200-50. They were absolutely not playing the “hardest matches” – they were breezing through the easiest matches and refreshing when they didn’t get one. This isn’t what PvP should be about.

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Because duplicate teams are not as likely to happen after a semi-recent patch. So you would want an easy team but not the same easy team, or you’re less likely to be picked in the pool each time.


A tier 3 fire bomb team is usually any easy win and high gold payoutut in PvP. Usually 5k gold. Same with sacrificial cow and many other teams. If lots of people do this the gold will flow leading to more tasks being completed. This way people will get more in-game currency without having to spend actual money.

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This comes up every couple of months but I’m not even sure why people set meta defenses over interesting or fun teams to begin with. It takes a couple of battles per week to make up the pvp points lost and all it does is cripple your fellow players the way we’ve been doing it.

I actually recently switched my defense to (ugh) orbweaver because it’s exhausting giving everyone I’m facing free wins and cutting their time spent fighting me only to go against weavers, webspinners, empowered zuuls, and turnips 15-20 battles in a row. Explore takes 2-3x as long but at this point it’s actually less irritating. Rank 1 then stop weekly, it’s a waste of time otherwise. I miss my 4x mongo team, that felt way better.

The devs had mentioned working on pvp health sometime this year and I can only hope they get to it with 5.0. But I don’t anticipate it being that quick of a fix given how things have been going since well past last year due to the playerbase and not the devs.


You have a much more generous interpretation of these events than I do.

I’ve had a super easy defense team set since the PVP gold nerf. Unfortunately I tend to not PVP past hitting Tier 1 because I get sick of running into d-bag teams.

The more easy wins I run into, the more I’ll PVP and give more people an easy team to beat.


I agree 100% with @Arelana as I do exactly the same thing. Get to Tier 1 on Monday and then completely avoid PvP at all costs for the rest of the week.

My defense team is super easy and made to lose.

The banner gives -1 brown and who cares about the rest as they are all pure brown troops.
I put the bomb first so you could wipe out its damage potential with a single skull hit.
The rest are super easy to kill or let run away.

I wish everyone would put these types of teams up instead of Orb/Thief/Assasin/Corsair with EoE or L&D… I never fight those teams so you will never get a revenge match from me and the super easy win I provide.


What do you mean? o.O

Answered in DM.

Mine is there to also express my feelings…



I quit grinding past teir 1 quite a while ago myself. Too much sweat in there. I feel like the more the we as a community run easy win teams the more gold we can pull and spend on tasks. That translates into more resources for us and less money lining the pockets of this company.

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