We needs to be able to set our defenders and switch attack teams

I am trying to be positive about all of the changes. That being said, not being able to control our defense in PvP is more ridiculous than making it pay-to-win. Apparently our attack teams become our defenders?!?! Most attack teams aren’t good defensive teams. PvP can’t be taken seriously if we are attacking teams that our opponents never intended to be used defensively.

Team slots are becoming obsolete. Smart players have several carefully created offensive PvP teams to use against various defensive teams. We quickly change team slots to ensure victory. This too has been removed. I can get past the new pay-to-win PvP model but the aforementioned issues needs to be corrected if PvP is to make sense and be taken seriously.

Lastly, players set defenders just to attack themselves in order to practice for Guild Wars. We encourage guild mates to attack our defenders as part of Guild War preparations.

Please bring these things back.

Thanks for reading this.


There is currently no point in setting a PvP defense team outside of GW, as there is no penalty for someone winning against your team. They mentioned this might change in the future, at which point one would hope defense team can be set manually.


There is a penalty. Look at your PvP stats under ‘Weekly Results.’ I had very impressive PvP defenses stats until they took away our ability to set a defense team. Every day the stats get worse.

It’s not true PvP if we aren’t fighting defenders. Be it war, sports or strategy games, offense and defense are not the same. This was a ‘thinking person’s game’ until this change. Now it’s just silly.

Hmmm a thinking person’s game.
You forget the 4 firebomb teams, from all the Einstein’s that play gems of war :rofl:


the best team to defend

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Fun fact: your attack team in Central Spire is now your defend team, you can still practise. Only in CS though.

Well only 1 game. Then your new attack team becomes your def which is so annoying

lol. I’ll never understand or forget seeing that team. About 1% of those wouldn’t have the troops traits unlocked. X2 hilarity

Where do the defense teams in the other PvPs come from?

Randomly chosen troops from that player’s owned troops. Similar to explore.
Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to Redcap

Either I havn’t met an active player yet in any PvP fight except Central Spire - because there have not been a single PvP fight with a hero and always 4 different troops.vThere is no way those teams I have met were someone active’s attack team(maybe a few but definitely far from most).
Or we are not actually fighting other people’s attack teams but randomly chosen teams.
This doesnt feel like PvP at all. The defense stats are rubbish.
I am experimenting with several troop/weapon combinations - so which of my attack teams does an attacker meet as my defense?

I definitely think we should be able to set our own defense teams - those that don’t care about that, can have a random team.
As so many have pointed out: an attack team is often not great as defense and a defense team isn’t always great as an attack team.

You can fight yourself in Central Spire, but it is annoying that you can’t access your team slots.

Lastly, please remember to roll the dice on each PvP Kingdom so we dont have to fight and chose from the same Kingdom or race - was it at all changed from last week? Stryx and Suncrest, Giant and Stormheim, Divine and Orc.

What would be the point? The way PvP is currently set up, it would just make reaching those PvP Goals much slower and a lot more aggravating for everybody. I guess it should be possible to test teams for Guild Wars, fighting you own profile doesn’t really work out well for that purpose though, the AI is set to max stupidity level.

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Explanation for the 4x Firebomb teams (not that I matters much anymore): losing pvp fights gave you revenge fights that were worth more.

If this made sense to do or not is a different matter. But that is why it was a thing.


I never cared about my pvp stats outside guild war. Still don’t.


The point is that the so called defense battles stats are useless numbers. So many loses.
I have no idea which team is my " defense" team in any area. I switch troops, weapons and class often. So why even show the result for defense team battles, when I have no idea or proof which team the attacker fought? Was it the latest combination of troops/weapon/class I used as attack? How often is it updated?

And you know that an attack team isn’t necessarily great as defense and a defense team isn’t necessarily great as attack.
Just remove the result for the “defense” battles and then I can live with not being able to set a defense team