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Lets get vault keys?(makers please see)

so i was grinding out maugrim woods which i was doing for krystnex then i got a vault key btw this is in vault gnome event fought the fight and got a major orb of chaos which turned into ascension for krystnex so i tried for more 50 60 battles later i rage quit it seems the gnomes have just died out gone well for me at least cn you please help and give me something for the evening i wasted with my family
my brother has also lost all battery on the controllers i dont know where they are so i cant find my name i think its 5432wert my gamertag is 5432wert though for xbox

Probably bad luck i just found a key

i was grinding 2 hours 1 thing to note is i got kicked of my own xbox so had to go to my dads one thats when it started

So… where is the bug? Since is categorized as “bug report”…

Not sure if i understand well but i think he lost his account

Sounds to me like they’re asking for free vault keys because they “only” got one key from 50 fights?

In which case…I mean…sorry?

I don’t know it’s just weird asking for compensation cause you played all day for free

no the gnomes havent been showing up and i remembered something else i “soft reset” explore like 30 more times making the total around 90

no zero also it was from like 90 cause i had another tatic

on a boost

they were showing up like 1 in 3 battles before i used a vault key / changed xbox

also its not the fact i didnt get any vault keys after its the fact that 0 gnomes showed up after i used a vault key

gamertag epic5432wert sorry also username 5432wert invite code is 5432WERT_KGVV

Whatever it is i think it was a bug to do with changing xboxs it works now as i just got one

(guess i hoard keys in case its that instead)

It’s just luck. I have been 100+ battles without a gnome but I have also had 7 gnomes in less than 50 battles and occasionally I get 3 in a row.

you do know theres a boost on gnomes now

Yep it’s how I have had 3 in a row but it was yesterday during the gnome event that I went 100+ battles without a gnome.

so mybye you were experiencing it to

I think it’s just some bad luck. I didn’t restart my game at all yesterday and I had some periods where I couldn’t find a gnome for a long time and periods where they are everywhere.

it seems towards midnight in uk i couldnt find any for some reason i cant find any now however i got a vault key now i think there may be a link i will do 5 more battles unless there short then 10 then use the vault key if no gnomes see what happens

just got unlucky this time no link i guess