Devs make no sense

A gnome weekend but still few gnomes and no vault keys which makes the gnome event a joke. I get very few gnomes and very seldom a vault key. How is that enjoyable? (Please explain) and when I do fine 1 well the excessive useless minor traitstones and 100 souls is about all I get . If you dont want people to get vault keys then get rid of it all together. All im doing is leveling up more often . On a side note please please please please update your dinosaur servers. The freezing game is way out of hand.

I’ve seen more “I didn’t get enough gnome” threads than gnomes this Vault Event, like every other.

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Well then my point must be valid!! Nobody wants to play 1000 explorer or pvp battles and get maybe 50 gnomes with 0 vault keys and garbage rewards. Sorry if you dont agree

Our servers are looking healthy on our end across all platforms, so if you are encountering issues with freezing you may need to restart your console every several hours of gameplay. (This has been known to help this issue.)

I got less gnomes than usual, but a higher rate of vault key drops.

Your experience (or mine) does not define the statistics. That’s not how statistics work.

The game just stops . Its not on my end trust me . Its like the game is not as fast as my movements with my controller and just freezes up. Its worse then usual and yes restarting does help for about 30 mins. Thanks

Can’t speak for other platforms but I suggest that you play pvp on Xbox for 7 or 8 minutes and experience it from our end.

We do test on console. Overall, the lag has lessened with the 4.0 Update, especially when entering and exiting the troop screen. Unfortunately, this issue is still happening and we are waiting on a fix from Unity which will further resolve this issue.


Any ideas on when Unity might try and work on a fix? Probably not tho.

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You believe unity are the problem? :joy: I highly doubt it but I may be wrong

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The lag is worse now then ever and guild chat might as well be removed from gems .It never works. Half the time you cant scroll between global or guild chat and when that works the chat never appears that you just typed. Our guild chat is full of “chat test”.

I have also had a lot of problems with chat lately. I have to disconnect then reconnect for messages to show. (PS4) My guild uses a community page and a psn group chat so we’re not affected much but other guilds don’t have these set up and will be affected by chat not working

Yeah its funny that I will say bye and come back 10 hrs later and what i typed is the last comment after 10 hrs and then logoff and logback on and the chat is so full that i cant scroll up far enough to see everything .

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