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Leonis Empire: NEW Pet on June 10 - please

Leonis Empire up to now has just two pets (including one hardcore delve pet), the kingdom could reach 19 Stars (June 12) but we need the third pet for this.
I hoped we will get it by the pet rescue on that wednesday, but it seems to be (spoiler from @Taransworld ) a Manticub day :roll_eyes: - although there are already two Leonis Pets in the pet spoiler (Alex & Talon)
Please release a new one that day, couldnt be so hard…

(I would spend a lot of gems to get the myth version if that might help :wink:)


Leonis Empire and Pridelands please

The problem here is that the devs release one new normal (non-cosmetic/faction) pet per month. June’s new normal pet is already decided. It’s Swampie from Mist of Scales on June 3rd. That’s likely the reason why Leonis gets a re-run of Manticub again.

May’s new normal pet was Black Beast-Kin released on May 6th, and April was Wimp on April 1st. So, the timing of June’s new monthly normal pet (Swampie) is right on schedule.

Both pets in the spoiler are cosmetics so no problem.
Plus they have broken this “rule” already, dont know if it really exits.

(May 6)

(April 29)

1 week apart.

(April 1st)

2 in the same month

Or how about all of those times where they were releasing new cosmetic pets back to back?

I missed that, my bad. That’s what I get for trying to read spreadsheets at 2 AM. It is possible if the devs wanted, to release multiple new normal pets in the same month.

One pet, Alex, is clearly destined for Gary Gygax Day in late July.

The other per, Talon, is a pretty strong candidate for the kingdom’s 2nd pet. It’s a baby falcon, which aligns well with several troops in the kingdom that use falcons. This one ought to be reclassified as the 2nd pet.

But, this brings up another problem. Leonis is missing the “troop type” buff pet. Leonis’s troop type is Monster, but Martlet already buffs that troop type. So… what goes in this slot if there is no valid troop type to buff (a significant problem, as there are more kingdoms in Krystara than troop types to buff)?

Perhaps, Talon is the indeed the 2nd pet, but is waiting for some new mechanic (hence the “cosmetic” tag at the moment) to be released in 5.0 or later before being launched. Of course, the problem with that in terms of this thread, is that 5.0 is going to launch later than Leonis’s next event week. Talon would have to wait until the next Leonis week (it may be very, very long time as Leonis will be stuck at 19, which means no new event weeks until the Power star cap is increased.), unless they were willing to release it as a cosmetic now under the premise that it will receive its intended buffing role in the future.

I’m skeptical, but I suppose anything’s technically possible if the devs willed it? Of course, they could just as easily “force” players to buy out Alex on Gygax Day as a cosmetic pet, as it would be the only opportunity in potentially a year or more for players to get Leonis past 16.

Unless there is a paranoia that the devs will require 3 maxed pets in the future, you would only need to just own a 3rd pet. You would simply just max out Manticub and the faction pet Cactnid Kid to fulfill the 2 pets at level 20 requirement.

There’s no hard rule that Talon is a 2nd pet for Leonis Empire. In fact, we could just as easily get Alex before Talon and Talon could be stuck in purgatory for another year. No one would really care for Talon at that point since we just need any pet for Leonis Empire.

Talon is also a cosmetic pet, so they really could just release it at any time because they feel like it. Cosmetic pets have been mostly associated with holidays, but it doesn’t mean they HAVE to release it at those points. Its just the easiest reason for them to release content.

There’s a lot of unreleased pets, but it doesn’t mean any of those pets have to be related to 5.0 at all.

Its their own desire to keep some kind of release schedule available for years on end that’s holding back the creative design process of the pet system. (Pet gnomes are the reason its held back in the practical sense).

When pets were originally proposed, they were going to do many wild and fantastical things bringing many of the unused functions to be more interesting. They even considered the idea of releasing multiple pets that do the same function as existing pets (if anyone remembers the Q&A when it was brought up how pointless the XP pet was)

Pets appear to be mechanical in nature, but they never had to be. There’s no hard rule each kingdom had to have 2 buff pets, its just easier to spread them out that way. If anything, if they ever get around to releasing duplicate effect pets, the 2 buff pet setup can easily be a thing of the past.

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Although your logic here is true, the devs have stated on stream multiple times that cosmetic pets are never designed to be requirements for Power star upgrades, but rather shortcuts/early-access to Power stars ahead of schedule. By that logic, Alex should not be the third required pet for Power 19 (although it fills that role just fine).

Exactly. The devs long ago designed where every pet is going go. And given that they don’t significantly change a system once in place, the patterns in place with pet releases since the launch of the system have been very consistent.

To date, there is a clear design pattern towards three consistent pets per kingdom:

  • One pet that buffs a kingdom’s troops
  • One pet that buffs a specific troop type
  • One matching faction Underworld pet

There are also some “miscellaneous” pets that skirt these rules, but all of these pets were the one-offs, such as mana mastery, XP, and Gold pets that came with the system’s launch. After the initial pet launch, all of the pets released have fit very tightly into the above framework.

I’ve been keeping track of the releases, and as of right now, two-thirds of the pets have been released to fill out that framework. Adding in known future pet future spoiler information (with counting Talon as a cosmetic), brings the total number of known pets to 81% of all the expected pets using the above framework. Also, of note, that using known spoiler information, all remaining kingdoms that are still missing its kingdom buff pet are already mapped in the game files and are waiting to be released.

Given this information, while the devs are free to change the rules any time they desire, their strong penchant for not altering a system that has long been in place makes me extremely dubious that any further changes will be coming to the pet assignment system. It’s just far too late into its implementation for that to happen. The devs are likely working on the next system and are just letting the pet system run its designed lifespan.

I remember, and its pretty safe to say at this point that this idea is long dead and buried. That idea died when the concept of pets that buffed status effects (remember the discussion around a pet that was going to buff poison damage/round?) was shelved. Pet collection ended up being little more than another required time-gated roadblock to control kingdom advancement and troop stat powercreep, a shame from the likely initial design of the system.

Yes, but I seriously doubt it’s going to happen. I don’t believe the game is coded for to allow that currently. Also at this point in the game, if that kind of a second similar buff were to occur, it would be released as some kind of medal and not a pet. That appears to be the direction the game is going, moving forward with buffs, outside of any curveballs 5.0 decides to throw at players.

We will get it Aug 05 finally.

But although the pet spoiler now goes till September - no Leonis pet :roll_eyes: