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Legion of Doom guild Looking for new members

Hey all…Legion of Doom, guild rank 75, looking for quite a few slots. We emptied out of non active players recently and need to fill slots. We are a great group of players that stumbled across one another and are loyal to each other! We enjoy going through tasks, having guild chats about all types of things, laid back but enjoy the game and all it entails! Send me a message if interested! We have 17 slots to fill!

I am interested in joining your guild. I am kind of new, lvl 34, but I play all the time. Left my guild because no activity from others and no one ever on.

I’d love to send you an invite but I’m showing you are in a different guild.

I left the guild already

What’s your invitation code, and I’ll send out the invite immediately. We’d love to have you! I’ve tried different variations of Jen69x but can’t find you.

All capitals JEN69X

I’ve tried several combinations of this again, and all I’m getting is this is not a player. Is that your invite code from the game, or just your log on for the forum? I’m really trying to get you into our guild ASAP! We are excited to have you!

I’m not sure why you aren’t able to find me, I have received other invitations. My game account shows invite code : JEN69X

It shows as all caps but maybe try lower case. I don’t know why it isn’t coming up.

I’ve tried it in all different forms I can think ofor. I’ve had some issues with names in the past, especially on my phone. I’ll sign in from the computer and try and also from a different device. I’ll also send a guild note out and see if anyone else cqn get it to work. Hopefully we can get this figured out. Thanks for being so patient with it!

Invite sent @Jen69x! Thanks for being so patient. Needed a space after and had to be done on my tablet for some reason! Welcome to our guild!

Hello! I’d like to join your guild. I’m level 104, (almost)daily player. I can donate like 1k gold daily, maybe more… I kick a$$ in pvp :))
If that’s ok for you, my invite code is:
“CATALIN M.” or “Catalin M.” (without the ""s)
I’m currently in a guild, notice me and I will leave them. :wink: Thanks in advance

Hi! It will be great to have you. Just let me know when you have left your guild and I’ll send the invite right after! Can’t wait to have you!

ok, you can invite me now!

Invite sent! Welcome!

Aurelia, I am interested. Do you still have spots? lvl 104, 30+ trophies and 20k+ gold per week.

Plenty of room! Is windigo your invite code? It’ll be great to have you!

Invite sent to @windigo! Welcome to the guild!

“WINDIGO 1”. I just left my old guild.

Will send an invite there as well!

Invite sent! Thank you for your interest! Please know there’s a lot of rebuilding going on, but we are still active and the newestimate members have some great suggestions!