Looking for active guild - Level 76, very active

Disclaimer: I’m not as high leveled as others are on this board from what I can see. I’m level 76 and have been trying to get my own guild off the ground but it’s not easy, and truth is I just want to be a part of an active guild where everyone contributes.

I play under the Warlord I difficulty and win nearly all of my match ups. I’ve contributed 243,000 gold to my guild in the past month, and obviously that rate of income for gold will be going to my new guild.

I play smart, I win and I’ve got gold to contribute. Take me in?

Top 50 guild here, might want to take you in but we sort out our members during week ends and we are currently full (if some people don’t contribute enough, we kick them).
So if you are still available by the end of the week, I might come back :wink:

Anyway, I didn’t reply for that, just wanted to point out a few things :

People usually give a weekly contribution estimation rather than a monthly one (as we can track contribution by week, not by month, wich ended up making people have their requirements based on weekly donations)

I believe you contribute too much to your guild for your level !
People should focus first on their kingdom levels, only fullfilling guild minimum requirements. That’s because Kingdoms are long term investments while guild tasks are very short term ones !

That’s all, good luck finding a guild, have fun playing :slight_smile:

crit happens doesnt have any requirements and we would love to have you :slight_smile:

Top 75 guild in need of members after some cleaning of players that weren’t active. We are happy to have you if you still aren’t in a guild yet. We are the Legion of Doom guild! Let me know if interested still!

Aurella, I’m interested! I’ve disbanded my guild and am looking forward to coming on.

I’ll log in and send the invite now. If there’s any others from your other guild, we are happy to have them as well. Is your invitation name sinderella?

Sinderella is the name. I cleared all my inactive, and my most active was hardly active. Just me will be fine.

Invite sent! Welcome to the guild!

My guild is always open and auto kick if inactive for a substantial amount of time.

We’re 13 strong loyal to each other players and ranked 75. What guild are you, could you absorb us all, and would we be better off joining you or vice versa?

i only have 9 open spots left sadly. in a couple of days i might have more.

I was reading where you just like to build players up and have them move on. Most of our players are up there in levels. Keep me updated.

i will keep you p[osted.