Castle Doomskull, *full* not recruiting

Castle Doomskull is full!
Our guild ranking is 740 and 573 in guild wars.

NO discord, guild chat only, looking for friendly players. No reqs. But with a focus on collecting seals and playing in guild wars, and other weekly events

If interested reply with your invite code, or send me a PM.

Thanks and Happy Gem Matching! :turtle:

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I’m in a good guild, so just a good luck message from me - but no discord is such a rarity these days it’s wonderful it’s still happening! If I ever need a break from the super-competitiveness I’m taking part in right now, I’ll come back to you guys. No discord is always a base requirement for me when looking for a guild - my current guild has no discord, either. Stay the way you are, guys! You’re a precious kind!:kissing_heart:

Good luck filling up you current spots, take this free bump I guess? :wink:

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Kind words! Thanks Sheba:blush:

New to the community, but not the game. In a dying guild with two close friends who play daily. Do you have three openings?

Always nice having friends together, We have room:) if you send me your invite code(s) I’ll get you guys in

I went with the first guy to contact me but really appreciate the invite. Good luck!

Thanks, you too!

Hey there. This sounds like a good fit for me. Invite code is KAEROKU. I played about 2 years ago and just now coming back, looking for a guild with no pressure but active people.

Look forward to hearing from ya!

Hey Kaeroku, we just sent you an invite:) hope to see you in the guild!