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Looking for an active guild

Hello. I’m an active player who logs in every day and is looking for a new guild. I’m currently tier 2, but our guild is full of inactive players, including our leader. I’m at level 159. I’ve unlocked all kingdoms and building them up (all kingdoms between levels 7 - 10). Won’t leave my current guild before I receive an offer. Invite code: ajblaj.

Are you still looking for a guild. We, legion of doom, are ranked at 67 and have all masteries at 40. If intetrsted, let me know and I’ll send you and invite.

My Lolcats guild is recruiting. If you can spare at least $100k/week, I’ll invite you.

Hello, thanks for the offer. Have now left my guild and awaiting your invitation.

Hello. Thanks for the offer, but 100k a week is a bit much for me at the moment while I’m still trying to upgrade my kingdoms.

No problem. After you’ve finished leveling your kingdoms, feel free to hit me up. We usually have a few spots available at the beginning of the week.