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The response from @icy is indicative of a larger trend of complacency and indifference towards the erosion of truth and the manipulation of public discourse. We cannot afford to trivialize the impact of fake news, nor can we dismiss the concerns raised by fellow community members who recognize the broader implications of this issue.

The dissemination of inaccurate information is not a trivial matter, it is a direct assault on the principles that underpin our democratic society. The erosion of trust in official sources of information threatens the very fabric of our democracy as it undermines the ability of citizens to make informed decisions and hold those in power accountable. If we allow falsehoods to go unchecked, we risk ceding control to those who seek to manipulate our perceptions, weakening the very essence of our democratic institutions. The spread of false information on the GoW forums is a glaring example of how fake news can infiltrate even the most unsuspecting spaces, sowing seeds of doubt and discord among community members who rely on accurate updates. The developers must take swift action and send 50 gems to the masses.

If you talking about fake news, both we and they are to blame, there are fake news in both sides.

@RootsSeed I understand your point, and it’s true that fake news can originate from various sources, including within the community itself. However, in the context of this incident, we are specifically addressing the misinformation that was disseminated through the “Official News” forum section.

As members of the community, we rely on the official channels for accurate information and updates about the game. It is the responsibility of the management team to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the information they provide. When such misinformation arises from an official source, it carries more weight and can have a greater impact on the community.

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Noone really needs a handout of 50gems or a briefly written and meaningless “we’re incredibly sorry”. The wear and tear of both due to inflationary usage by mods reached a alerting level throughout the last ~2 years. Lost trust due to many questionable mod decisions and sometimes suddenly reversed statements isn’t the worst part, just a byproduct. The scout’s word of honor to do a better job in the future maybe was a goal once, but never really got fulfilled. It is what it is, by now everyone actively reading the forums should be aware of what you get with the persons we have in charge.

The worst part is that this game has a large fanbase and many devoted players organised in (worldwide inter)national groups of up to hundreds of people helping each other out with the game, playing together and creating content. If players critique was taken serious at any point and if the developers would every once in a while listen to ideas and what the community “really wants” and find a way to implement that, then the p(l)aying customers could enjoy this simple yet beautiful game so much more.

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I disagree, we absolutely need 50 gems. The small offering of gems can be seen as a metaphorical extension of providing citizens with resources, opportunities, and tools to engage in the democratic process. It represents a commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and the facilitation of meaningful participation. When the management team takes responsibility for their mistakes and makes amends, it fosters transparency and strengthens the bond between the community and the game developers. Dismissing or undermining the significance of the small gesture undermines the trust-building process and weakens the fabric of our democratic principles.

Sorry, but handing 50 gems every time they made a big mistake fixes nothing. It’s not a sign of commitment of any sort. It’s a free jail card so they can continue making bad decisions and buying our acceptance.
If the 50 gems break their economy, they won’t tell anyone. Maybe they’ll start checking, double checking and triple checking before a major release. or they simply make a patch and keep ignoring our complaints.
If the 50 gems are a minor annoyance for them, it’s normalizing their faulty process. Everytime they make a mistake, the’ll just hand out 50 gems and ignore any necessary fixes.
Sorry, but commitment would be answering the forum, even if their answer would be a simple “We don’t know what happened, but we are investigating”. Transparency, would be coming to the forum and explaining what is going on. Making amends would be admiting they made mistakes and ignored a lot of what the players were suggesting.
Keeping us in the dark, a lot of requests being ignored, not giving simple information, keeping a lot of complaints unattended, that cause mistrust and no matter how many 50 gems compensation given, it won’t start getting our trust back. Respect and propoer communication worth more than 50 gems.
Also, if all problems and bugs were fixed, we would get much more than 50 gems playing and enjoying playing this game .


I understand your concerns and frustrations regarding the 50 gems as a form of compensation. However, it is important to consider the historical context and the role that this standard compensation has played within the game community. While it may not be a perfect solution, it has been a consistent gesture that acknowledges the impact of the errors and serves as a way to provide some form of reparation to the affected players.

If we were to eliminate this compensation entirely without an alternative in place, we would be left with no means of addressing the grievances and frustrations that arise. The 50 gems, as imperfect as it may seem, provides a tangible acknowledgment of the community’s experiences and an attempt to rectify the situation. By preserving the 50 gem compensation, we can help prevent a scenario where the most vulnerable players are left impoverished and disadvantaged. For newcomers who are still building their resources, these gems can provide a vital boost to their progress and enjoyment.

Sadly you don’t even realise that for the devs it makes only the one difference if they’d compensate you 50gems or 500gems: For the person typing it in to press “0” once more, nothing else. Wouldn’t break any economy in the game. But to be realistic, this failed newspost doesn’t need any compensation at all. It would need someone “official” to quickly acknowledge the failure which would be enough in terms of transparency and as “making amends” (or whatever this should be called) and to then close the topic for good, not just silently delete it. The whole topic here is just a bit of amusement - because of the inactions.

Compared to what “major fails” have been pulled in the last 6 months alone it seems delusional to think 50 measly gems for every gow mod/dev bed wetting could restore any trust. That trust has been kicked low throughout countless very sadly handled “mistakes” (as “the team” liekes to call it) of which I’d guess most of them aren’t even acknowledged by them and instead at some point just got ignored completely. That trust has also been destroyed by a “we’re not interested in what we may have promised in writing yesterday…” -mentality that shows throughout the last years and can be re-read here until the topic seemingly got too annoying and “threatening” to be kept open, how dare the pawns try to speak up!

Really making amends would mean to finally see transparency shown by the mod team. There’s certain topics that just ran dry over the course of time because every attempt of questioning about that topic just doesn’t receive any official answers anymore. If there’s no work done on it anymore or it can’t or won’t be done then just say so. People won’t be happy about it then, but personally I’d appreciate the information because it would lead to everyone being able to plan ahead accordingly. It would lead to so much less awkward squirming around that can be perceived as either disinterest or straight ignorance. The forum mod "we’re incredibly sorry"™ line is maybe already on a macro key bind. But noone really needs 50gems here.

We’d need a active mod team that shows transparency in what they do and consistency in that. What we don’t need is a “sneak peak” for the next 6 months of which half of it gets delayed or doesn’t come to fruition or gets announced cryptically and will only lead to “having to play more”. Because despite that being described as “fun”, it isn’t.


Two problems with this approach:

  1. Newcomers usually would be the ones most affected by the company mistakes. Mid/end gamers have more resources to workaround or minimise the issues. New players won’t do much with 50 gems.
  2. Again, this would create a mentality that that’s OK to make a lot of mistakes. We just need to give some minor compensations. Until the time when everyone would open their mailbox and find out 50 gems out of the blue. Just to anticipate their next bug/issue/mistake/mess-up. And the players would be ok with that, because that’s the new normal.

If you work properly, discussing and maintaining an open line of communication with the player base, fix the issues quickly and inform everyone about it, this will start to gain the trust back. The lack of issues would make a new player gather more resources and evolve more quickly. Not giving week after week 50 gems, or 500 gems.


The provision of 50 gems and bug fixing is not mutually exclusive. Both aspects can coexist as part of an effective strategy to improve the overall player experience. The game is called the Gems of War for a reason. If they were to stop giving us our well-deserved gems, what would even be the point anymore? The gems not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also allow us to progress, strategize, and engage with the game’s mechanics. Without the gems, the game would lose some of its essence and purpose. We need them. We rely on them. The gems are important.

Am I the only one who feels ORKKI is just trolling?


No. You’re not. Or just over simplistic.

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I understand that 50 gems may not seem like a substantial amount to you, but it can hold significant value for others. It’s crucial to remember that not everyone has the same financial capacity or willingness to invest in virtual goods. By providing 50 gems, the game developers acknowledge and appreciate the contribution and dedication of players, regardless of their ability to make in-game purchases. It fosters inclusivity and ensures that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the game without feeling disadvantaged or left behind.

Let’s focus on understanding each other’s viewpoints and finding common ground rather than making accusations. We all share a love for the game, and by engaging in thoughtful discussions, we can work towards creating a more positive and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.