Legends Reborn - Adana

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Legends Reborn: Adana For the next 2 weeks we will have a Legends Reborn event set in the Shentang. Legends Reborn can be accessed from either the Games Menu or the Adana Kingdom Menu (if the storyline has been completed previously). Shentang Story Update As part of the celebration for this event, we have gone…


A Legends Reborn for Adana that features Shentang pets and is nowhere to be found? This must be a new low in quality assurance.


Hi @Jeto, I assume this was posted in error seeing that Adana Legends Reborn is not for another month.


How can someone type this out and post without realizing they are talking about two different kingdoms? :man_facepalming:


they’re on holiday too, so another day of nothing

high attention to detail



Yes it’s King’s Birthday Public Holiday here in Australia today, which makes it even more weird that it got posted.

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It was one of those schedule to post ahead of time things. Though, they had plenty of time to not post this given that they postponed Legends Reborn in game last week.

One department of the game isn’t telling the other important details…


This week is pretty mellow. A perfect week to do Legends Reborn - Adana but they pushed it back for whatever reason. Instead they’ll probably put it on a Guild Wars week with a vault weekend and a summer event week… basically an already busy week cuz that’s how they roll. They don’t plan ahead and they don’t care about our opinions which makes these comments and posts pretty much pointless, yet here I am. LOL.


Especially since both kingdoms are named in the same sentence.

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Curiously, on Switch we’re on week 2 of an Adana Kingdom Pass (no Legends Reborn on any apparent schedule, just the KP) with General Edison Battlecrashers.

Clearly this announcement post was an error.

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…at least this one time the sentence above is correct. :wink:


Dev’s are combining kingdoms and events now. So we’re having a Reborn Event in Shentadanang now and Vault (Guild) Wars soon, where the only teams possible are consisting of gnomes of the current colour for that day. :joy:


I’m so confused, what happened? I started playing GOW in February so I’m not update to date on everything this game has to offer, I was watching for this event and then it seemed to just disappear, I thought I missed it.


It got delayed for another month. Business as usual on this game, events are being cancelled, switched, altered or delayed regularly, sometimes even only minutes before they should have started. Unfortunately.


@Jeto The announcement says Adana, but the content of your post says Shentang.

I am writing to express my concern regarding this recent incident involving the accidental auto-posting of news with inaccurate information on the official forums. While I understand that mistakes can happen, it is important to address the consequences that this misinformation has had on the community.

Firstly, I would like to emphasize that the Gems of War community greatly appreciates the hard work and dedication of the entire development team. The efforts put into maintaining the game and engaging with the player base are commendable, and we acknowledge that mistakes can occur despite the best intentions.

However, in this particular case, the dissemination of incorrect information has caused confusion and disappointment among players who rely on the official forums for accurate updates. As an active member of the community, I believe it is crucial for the management team to take immediate action to rectify this situation and regain the trust that has been momentarily shaken.

I am writing on behalf of numerous members of the Gems of War community who have been affected by this misinformation. In order to restore faith in the game and compensate for the confusion caused, we kindly request that you consider providing each player with a token of apology in the form of 50 gems.

This gesture, while small in value, would go a long way towards repairing the damage caused and rebuilding the community’s trust in the official announcements. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we hope that you will consider our request for gems seriously.

Would have been good if they could have just spent 1 minute to delete this thread on Tuesday when they returned to the office? :thinking:


It feels like it’s or a lack of care or lack of time because they’re dealing with something related to the legend reborn, there wasn’t one from Mist of Scales too, right?

Despite this topic being a pure display of carelessness and laziness it isn’t yet perceived as a threat by the mods. Otherwise Bramble ‘The Closer’ would’ve already jumped to the rescue and shut this topic down. :wink: But my guess is, that noone even realised this massive fail yet, probably due to the same reasons as mentioned in my opening sentence. If at some point they do realise it, they’ll most likely do nothing about it, which is gow-forum-mod consistency, and “let things run dry” or they’ll try and “explain” it with their national holidays they have seemingly going on all the time.