Legends Reborn - Shentang

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Legends Reborn: Shentang For the next 2 weeks we will have a Legends Reborn event set in the Shentang. Legends Reborn can be accessed from either the Games Menu or the Shentang Kingdom Menu (if the storyline has been completed previously). Shentang Story Update As part of the celebration for this event, we have gone…

Here is your quick guide to the event:

You can subscribe / follow a new channel over at my flight school called #solo-events to get my guides for Legends Reborn, Kingdom Pass etc delivered directly to your server.

I pushed the Legends guide out in my world event channel but I will push the guide this evening in the new channel (gives people time to set it up)

Not got the link? Find me at the flight school:


Everyone hates the new conversation style.

More importantly, the font is unreadable! Please fix it ASAP. Someone in the forums showed you exactly how to do it with minimal effort, yet 10 times more readable.


The comic page layout feels somewhat out of place, but on the plus side, the “hero” part of the dialogue is more than a disguised “next” button now.

Hey, with a bit of effort put into story writing, the hero might even become more than a hollow, mindless shell, that is pushed around by others as they please. A real personality even maybe…

(you can stop laughing now, I know just as well, that this will never happen.)

Begs the question of how much of the actual documented Feedback has been implemented into this new Legends Reborn…
:roll_eyes: :person_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:

Information is courtesy of @Hawx.

Just wanted to zoom in on the text.





Right away or “when” will this be a possibility? @Jeto


First occasions of the previous pets were around 4 weeks after the event ended afair.

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I like the new comic book style!


Does anyone expect, that event items have been fixed, so that they stop dropping once the highest level has been reached?

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Why shouldn’t they continue dropping? It’s a bit like event scores, they continue to add up, even once all rewards have been unlocked. What we are rather missing is a leaderboard that hands out some extra rewards. :thinking:

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“Defeat yellow enemies” sounds like the worst possible event task. Would you really want to create rewards for people, who play explore 1 for 16 hours a day straight through the event?
Not a good excuse to keep a bug in the game.

It doesn’t feel any worse than creating rewards for people who play PvP for 16 hours a day straight through the week.

I’m questioning whether it is a bug. Players keep defeating yellow enemies, so the game might as well count them, similar to what happens in other events.



The fonts are totally readable even on my phone (not that I am going to read it though). They did fix that part I think compared to last time.

Just to add about my contradiction on Starlite:
I just played through the campaign again, and I have to say, the new style is much (better is such a strong word, let’s say) less bad than before.

It’s able to break free from the strict “campaign character speaks, hero answers” pattern, that crippled the old format, it does not feel so much like it is aimed at phone users with attention deficite, who can’t stomach more than a sentence at a time, and, to a little degree, the hero really feels like participating in the conversation instead of leaving a mandatory grunt once per screen.

I’m not looking forward to reading it five times, but it is not as unbearable as it became during the later stages of the old format.

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When I tried to collect the final reward, the game crashed, any bottoms broken.

I know. :slight_smile: But I’d like some form of confirmation about it from official side.
Because, please read the entry post again, would you say reading it, that it means “starting now” or “starting a few weeks after all ended” or maybe even “something else”?
Phrasing again.

Who thought that $80 was a good idea?

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