[Fixed] Bounty Hunter Only Giving 1 Trophy, Despite 4.7 Patch Mentioning 2 Trophies

Bounty Hunter currently only gives 1 trophy per battle, despite 4.7 patch notes mentioning that it gives 2 per battle.


I know Tacet plays on PC, but I can confirm PS4 is getting 1 trophy as well.

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Thanks for pointing this out! This will be fixed for the next Bounty event and we’ll check the other Live events too.

Off topic, unhelpful posts deleted - if you have something to say about how we handle bug reports, post in the feedback section please. Otherwise if you’re being snarky for the sake of it, this isn’t the place. This is the place for solving issues.


Just updating this thread to let you know we fixed this at weekly reset (7am GMT Monday 30th December).

Thanks again for posting about it.