Legendary Weapon and Legendary unit idea

Weapon: Crown of Vanya
Type: Jewelry
Purple/Yellow: Cost 12
Deal X damage to the two weakest enemies boosted by blessed allies then bless your two strongest allies. ( X5 ratio )

Legendary unit: Simulacros
Type: Mech/Mystic
Blue/Purple: Cost 15
Replication: Summon a copy of target unit
Trait 1: Fortitude
Trait 2: Repair
Trait 3: Empowered Creations; All allied units you summon gains +5 to all stats and barrier.


Usually when people make suggestions for troops, they just look super OP. But I like both of those ideas and they seem pretty balanced. I’d be interested in hearing more troop ideas from you.

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Just search my forum name 90% of what I post are weapon/troop ideas
P.S. they aren’t all winners lol…