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Larger maximum for guild members

Many guilds have so many people to join that they have to make sister guilds. This shouldn’t be nescessary. The max should be at least 50 guild members.

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No. No. No and no


As a GM, no thank you. More than 30 means guild event tiers & tasks would need to be set at unreasonable levels to compensate for more people. And then what, make bottom 10 not count in GW? Guilds have a tough enough time keeping 30 full-timers frequently let alone 50.

Guilds don’t HAVE to make sister guilds. They typically do it for more efficiency by grouping those with similar play styles together and to create a path of progression so the higher production guild always has talent to pull up rather than having to go search for it.

You have it backwards - guilds aren’t creating families because they have so many recruits. They’re creating families so they have backups to keep 30 players in their guilds. Your solution doesn’t fix the actual underlying reason for creating guild families.


oh and when there are 51 people want to join the guild, they should increase it to 60?