Language clarifications: attack verbs

So with GW around I’ve been playing with more cards and paying attention to more abilities and, well, I’m trying to nail down exactly what does what. So far this is my understanding.

Steal (life): Damage is prevented by Barrier, which is lost, but stealing troop still gains equal to what the damage would be. Based on experience with Draakulis and Death.
Steal (armor): Ignores Barrier, armor is reduced but barrier remains in place. Based on experience with Gloomleaf
Drain (mana): If Drain X lowers their mana by X, otherwise lower their mana to zero.
Devour: Not so much ignores Barrier as bypasses it. Devouring troop actually gains barrier. Based on experience with Kerberos.
Destroy (troop): Ignores Barrier. Based on experience with DRACOS.
Destroy (armor):Ignores Barrier. Based on experience with Grave Knight and Mang.
Lose (stat): Is prevented by Barrier, which is lost, if life or armor. Magic or attack ignore. Based on experience with Famine and Moloch. This is the one I’m least clear on because both affect a random stat and the loss icon is replaces with the barrier breaking icon so I’m unclear when it is life or armor.

End result is fairly consistent, although I am confused about why steal functions differently for life and armor. I also wonder if Devour steals other positive effects like Enchant or the spoiled one.

My understanding is that Barrier simply prevents the first instance of Life reduction. Reducing Armor doesn’t impact Life, so doesn’t pop Barrier.

There’s also the matter of on-skull-match procs, which behave in different ways, both in regards to being entangled or your attack value being 0. To give an example, as much as I know an entangled Psion will not drain mana, an entangled Assassin Hero will still kill troops.

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