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Barrier blocks devour? How? When?

I was left with Infernus and DawnBringer, both had barriers. Somehow the Great Maw didn’t devour anyone. How come? Is it a bug? Is it a new feature? When was it implemented?

Barrier was changed to block Devour roughly half a year ago.



Patch notes there^

General Spell Effect Changes
* Death Mark will now no longer activate on the first turn
* Barrier now blocks devour


Take note that this doesn’t work on Kraken devour, because Kraken deals damage first (thus deactivating Barrier) and then devours.

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I remember when devour worked on barrier. Troop would be devoured and then they’d have higher stats and also steal that troops barrier. Was always like ok devour I get, don’t take the shield too! lol. Very glad that all changed.