Life Steal versus Barrier

When a troop life steals enemies with barrier, they don’t take the damage, but the troop still fills.

This happened to me the week Aurora came out, versus Draakulis or Crimson Bat when I had 2 Queen Auroras. I was on vacation and didn’t have time to check the forums (or report a bug).

I’m still not sure how or why that would happen if it’s not a bug, or more specifically how it would be either the intended result, or the common sense one. How can you steal life if the life isn’t lost?

Reading this reminded me of my bug.
Extra Note: Barrier vs. Devour in 3.0.5

I think the reasoning is it still does that much damage to the barrier. It has infinite health but is cleared once hit. But I’m not sure how much reasoning has to do with it.

Also Language clarifications: attack verbs

If it has infinite health then 1 damage shouldn’t clear it.

It has as much health as the strike that hits it deals damage…it’s magic ffs not a mathematical construct.
Also an explanation for the lifesteal, the barrier delivers the stealer exactly as much “lifeforce” as his attack hits for.
Magic is a wonderful thing, even Superman is vulnerable to it, deal with it Supes!

Although it would be fun, I’m not trying to get into a magic versus reality debate in the support forums.
This is a bug report.

I want a developer to confirm “Yes, this is what we intended and what we think it’s balanced with respect to either the life steal or the barrier.” or else “Hmm, that’s weird, we better look at it.”

Either way.

I guess I should clarify that when I talk about “reasoning” (vis a vis the Nimhain post in the OP) I’m not talking about real life or magic, I’m talking about game systems and mechanics.

I’d explictly like to know, if it’s not a bug, why does Barrier prevent a Devourer from gaining life but does not prevent a Life Stealer from gaining life?

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Crimson Bat in particular is working as intended, as it doesn’t steal life.

Deal [Magic + 1] True Damage to all enemies. Gain 16 Life.

The two effects are not tied to one another, so if one fails, the other should still take effect.

Draakulis, on the other hand, is more ambiguous, as he explicitly “steals life” and so the question of whether Barrier or low-health troops would reduce the effect becomes pertinent.


Worth noting that Draak will only steal the max his magic allows or the troop’s life, whichever is lower.

Draak and Death both exhibit the same interaction with Barrier, which is to gain life equal to the damage and pop the barrier.

I learned today that Draak can only gain as much health as the troop has, even if he hits the barrier. Hitting for 23 against a troop with Barrier and 17 HP will gain 17 HP and destroy the barrier.

Also notably Barrier does not YET prevent a Devourer from gaining life, the Devourer currently gains all stats AND the barrier itself when eating.