Lag everywere

Why is this game lagging so much ? Today was the worst day for me .
Everything i did had a 15 second lag.

Every other game on my xbox series x console works just fine.

I did hard reset on console and it fixed for me but other guild still have lag after hard reset.

Why do we have such a laggy time with this game ?


The answer is they are aware of it. But its unconscionable gaming conduct to say oh well , wait till we fix it. It doesn’t say much for gaming morality, but that slipped away here, a long time ago here. Lag is just another GoW disgrace.
It just a continuation of what has become endless shoddy gaming tripe the player base is expected to put up with.

Lag is a feature. A surprise mechanic!

I think it was Gary who figured out the game is spewing more server requests than necessary + they have recently admitted the database they are using is getting old & approaching it’s limits, and… I guess part of it is also just a lot of coding related issues.
Frustrating for sure though, for all of us… especially when it takes them ages to do any patches.