Lackluster content

Allow me to first say as I’ve said in other post I absolutely love GOW have been playing this game for 5yrs. That being said I’d like Express some disappointment with the recent New pet in Bounty. Yet another cat how many felines does a the game needs before it card or pet becomes just another card. Especially when there so may options that has yet to be explored. Like a giraffe, or dare I say a Badger card. Out side respective characters as of late many of the cards ability’s are lacklustre

If you are talking about this week’s pet that was released on Wednesday it’s a Tasmanian Devil.
We sure don’t need another cosmetic pet in Shentang next week

No the bounty troop and just in general the delves seem to have hit a wall on imagination regarding troops

As you might have noticed, the lucky pets are Chinese zodiac signs, and this year’s happens to be year of the tiger. Hence there’s the tiger.

Next year will be rabbit.

Yes I know that but that gives Shentang seven pets, there are kingdoms with a few as three.
This is a multinational game yet only a very select few countries get anything to celebrate their national holidays or celebrations.
I happen to be from Canada, so I want a pet on Canada Day, surely they could do something clever with a beaver ! Lol

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Alas, pretty much always been this way over the past 5 years I have been playing, troops released vary from top tier to absolutely useless only good for kingdom progression.

Ah, got it.

Yeah, that would be nice. More belance in pet distribution over the kingdoms, and I wouldn’t mind getting pets for different countries’ days either.