Kurandara compensation, what do I tell John?

So you say to not use event keys until you see if somebody got the mythic in global but, if everybody follow that rule, you will not see it then we all gonna wait for the others resulting in nobody using keys for the week because they think people aren’t getting because of a bug. Also, how do you know that a mythic that appears in global isn’t from gem, vip or guild chest in a non mythic week?

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There are always people who go first, even if told not to, either because no one tells them what to do (youre not my Mom) or impatience, someone will always be the first to jump off the edge.


I think another larger problem is two-fold. The ambiguity of when things are/aren’t in chests. As in troop will appear in 4-6 weeks after X occurs. Another is the double whammy of if someone comes to the forums to see if there might be a bug some people get it from both sides. “Working as intended” and “RNG Bro, stop complaining and keep wasting keys like I did” happen far too often. I get the you should probably wait until a couple hours after reset to do anything part as that’s when things will usually go awry. But maybe a person is heading out of town for the weekend or have to work a double that day and want to try for the mythic beforehand.
The long and short of it is things seem to go wrong too often and the response is too slow and insufficient


There will be people who don’t care which mythic they get because they’re power blocked. There will be people looking for other troops from that kingdom.

There will also be people who don’t want to/can’t wait…

There will always be people opening keys.

You will not 100% know they’re not from different keys. But if several people get the mythic you want from the kingdom, it’s highly unlikely they all got them from anything other than event keys.


I would like the odds of getting a card. They have to have that and some thing aren’t even in the pile so they are not there to get.