ATTENTION: Your account is being stolen from

Imagine winning the lottery. Tiny chance, grand price, and you did it. There’s just one tiny problem, the party responsible for paying out the winnings isn’t sure which currency to put on the cheque. So they send you a new lottery ticket instead, better luck next time.

What happened
The new campaign troops, Shade of Kurandara, Heart of Rage and Kurandara made it into the chest drop pool, due to lack of quality control. Players opening their Monday keys from guild tasks stumbled into these troops, when rolling upan Epic/Legendary/Mythic troop it had a small chance to be one of the campaign ones.

How support reacted
From the official technical Support article:

Players who pulled 'Heart of Rage', 'Kurandara' and 'Shade of Kurandara' will be sent a mail with a Key to compensate for the one they spent to earn the Troop.

You hit the tiny chance to pull a mythic? Congratulations! We accidentally gave you the campaign mythic instead of any of the others you were supposed to get? So sorry, let’s remove it again, here’s two VIP keys as compensation. Good luck with your two 1:100 chances to really get the mythic you are due.

Official statement from IP2

A generous compensation would have been two random mythics for the one taken away. Or a mythic of free choice for the one taken away. A minimum compensation would have been a random mythic for the mythic taken away. Removing a mythic from the player inventory and “compensating” with two VIP keys is an insult, and the official stance of IP21 is icing on top.

@Sirrian Is there any top management channel the community could address this issue to? Going by the official communication we are supposed to be thankful for getting cheated out of our loot box pulls here.

-------------------------------- Update --------------------------------

  • Players who pulled Kurandara have received a random mythic as replacement
  • Players who pulled Heart of Rage have received Wrath as replacement
  • Players who already leveled/traited either Kurandara, Heart of Rage or Shade of Kurandara before they were removed need to contact support to get refunded the resources spent

Thank you. I believe it would be helpful if we had some kind of communication channel to address issues like these to, before they spiral too far out of control.


Yeah, I expected a random replacement mythic/legendary for affected players who drew Kurandara or Heart of Rage. For players who drew Shade of Kurandara, though, a single VIP key is more than equal.


Hopefully those affected by this will submit tickets and someone who can actually see what is being done to the playerbase (and the company’s image) will step in.

To the rest of us: hopefully we will once and for all embrace the evidence, and stop tolerating this treatment in the only way that will be duly heard.



Can’t be disappointed if I don’t have expectations.


Vip level 9 guild mate got ripped off of 1500 gems due to mail bug a year or so ago. Of course they fixed mail right after. Devs said f’em , wouldn’t give him his gems so he quit.

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They don’t care folks…

Maximise revenue, minimise effort…


Linking this analysis from @Mithran because it sums up the situation just perfectly.


Of course they’d find a way to mess this up too. :nauseated_face:


These are the least generous devs in my 30 years history of gaming. But they think otherwise. lol


Wow! I had prepared myself to jump in today and see if the pitifully inept campaign rewards were ramped up after the forum feedback last week. Of course, there weren’t. But before I could digest that disappointment, I noticed the discussion in a thread about the Heart of Rage item being another roadblock for the F2P playerbase to keep up. Fun stuff!
Before I could even start to wrap my mind around that new turn of events, I noticed this thread. This one immediately jumped to the top of my list. What an appalling lack of care and customer service on the part of the dev team. I have played this game for a long time now and I have seen this type of flippant disregard from the devs in the past, as evidenced by some of the examples posted by other forum goers. But this latest itineration is beyond the pale to me. It demonstrates a woeful lack of concern and care. And to be honest, even if they did not give a hoot about the players, the optics are atrocious. I would assume they want this game to continue to grow financially. If nothing else, the increased monetization over the past few updates would indicate that. But this type of thing, compounded with past examples of the same attitude, will do nothing but dissuade players from spending money on the game and, furthermore, work to corrode the cohesion of the game as players, often long term players who have been heralds for GoW to the newer player base, decide to leave.
Disappointment does not even begin to cover what I am certain a lot of the readers are feeling here.


Replacing the troops with a random other Mythic or Legendary (as appropriate) from the pool is the only reasonable solution.


Considering how so many players seem to be tripping over themselves to buy $10 battlepasses…nope.


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The affected players have received a new random troop of the same rarity.

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Imagine giving 2 random mythics for the one thay’ve been taken away.

Then umagine the ammount of drama from players that’d get copies of already own mythics, or stuff like Shade of Zorn and Gargantaur…

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Yesterday that was a pure drama “bad devs stealing players blablabla” and now that devs did a proprer compensation, no news from our angry players?

Some players are just on this forum to complain, that’s a shame.

I wonder why they’ve changed their mind, genius?


Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found anybody willing to pay me for news. Since angry players need to eat too that means some of my time is spent on other activities, like working. Fair is fair though, if you scroll up to the top you’ll notice that I’ve updated the entry post.

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Glad to hear that something more was done about it.


I’m glad the devs did the right thing.

The reason for the “drama” was that the company’s representatives had previously indicated that they would not do the right thing.

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I didn’t even think about the fact that I got the email… I have stopped putting value on anything I don’t purchase (spend real dollars on that is)

There is so much broken still since the first upgrade that I just well - stopped paying money into this game.

But it still is a fun little free game.

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