Changes made to GoW Thanks to Community Feedback

To make it clear to those who try and suppress the voices of others. I thought it would be a nice idea to make a central list of changes that have occurred in Gems of War thanks to a loud minority.
It scares me to read a bug report thread that a bug exists because more people didn’t report an issue so the developers misunderstood an issue that could of possibly been fixed in the last patch, but instead won’t be fixed until the next client update.
But when feedback of any sort seems to be an opening for internet trolls to shit on others…I completely understand why they would rather say nothing at all.
Hopefully this thread can empower some voices.

And possibly wake others up to the notion that it’s a 3 headed system. There’s the player, the developer, and the publisher. But the developer can only do what the publisher wants. Meanwhile the publisher is only going to do what they hear the player wants from the developer. So it’s a constant telephone game.

I’ll start with what I believe is the most infamous one and then let the rest of the community chime in.

  • The removal of Hero Class Changes costing 50 gems if changed in less than 24 hours than the last class change.

Sunspear’s 3rd Trait was changed from constant firestorm to +2 red mana per match, a la Corsair. Was reversed within a day or two after community outcry.

(There are more threads on this topic, but I think these are the most relevant ones)

Epic tasks were originally worth different resources than we see now.

Someone will surely be able to link the relevant threads (maybe I will, if I find them and the time), and keep the train rolling (perhaps @Mithran would like to explain chaos portal drops, or the recent Epic Vault Keys drop rates?)


Players strongly disagreed:

And then their ‘generous final compensation’ changed:

…even if, unsurprisingly, they chose to reframe it as if they had been ‘discussing the compensation’ all along.
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Not sure how that “loud minority” part fits together with the hero class change fee, feels like the whole community had been rallying for that for years. :smile:

There’s really a lot of things that come to my mind:

  • Legendary/mythic troops in forge changed from random pick to pool pick.
  • Faction pet kingdom assignment changed to count for linked kingdom power requisites.
  • Trophies added to most game activities.
  • Doomed weapon upgrade rework (mostly replacing exploding stuff, still incomplete).
  • Highest guild chest level bumped down to require only 40k seals.
  • Epic task rewards reworked, even prior to activating them.
  • Chest drop rates (sort of) added to the chest screen.
  • Multi-buy for the weekly event offers (my mouse finger is ever grateful).
  • Guild guardian drop exclusion from guild chests on reaching 4@mythic.
  • Guild Wars scoring changed to only take the 27 best member scores into account.
  • Interface improvements for the campaign.

That’s just thinking about it for a few minutes, there’s bound to be more.


Multi-cast Zuul
(Not so sure about Scorpius, though. Does it fall under the same category? My memory eludes me.)

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