[Fixed] Urskaya event chests misconfigured

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to be able to find Kurandara in event chests. Unlike “Enraged Kurandara”, “Kurandara” is a regular old campaign mythic with no special rules attached. It has been in chests in the past and has no reason to suddenly go missing unannounced.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Ever since the weekly reset. Following up several absence reports I’ve checked multiple global chat logs, Kurandara doesn’t drop, only Doomclaw.

What next?
This isn’t the first time the jackpot in weekly event gachas silently gone missing. Some players spend huge amount of resources hunting the exclusive drop, even up to investing significant amounts of money. It would be nice if this current instance of faulty gachas could get handled in a professional way, allowing players to exchange their Doomclaw for a Kurandara, instead of once again stonewalling the topic and pretending it didn’t happen.


That’s exactly what happened to me, I spent 3000 event keys to get another copy of Kurandara but no luck, instead I got two copies of Doomclaw. Now, I have 6 Doomclaw.

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I hate to say it but your sample size (of # mythic drops) is probably too small to be useful alone. If we assume that which Mythic drops is randomly chosen, then that’s a 50:50 of which Mythic you get and not getting a desired Troop after 2 drops is … actually quite common (25%).

That being said, if Kurandara has been in event chests before but nobody at all is finding it this week, that definitely starts to look suspicious…

But if you browse through global channels and find around 100 Doomclaw drops, without a single Kurandara drop, it’s pretty clear that something isn’t working properly. :wink:


Yeah, I forgot to check that possibility before hitting Send. My bad.


Yes no one find it, and this is the problem not the sample size.
Thank you for your feedback.

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Hey, I don’t need kurandara and I didn’t use any key this week but free gems as compensation are always welcome!

Numbers I fetched from 001, for today:

  • Doomclaw: 20
  • Kurandara: 0
  • Cantur: 77
  • All of the mythics found (including the above): 106 (this is because “today” includes before reset).

Cheers, Gary.


I hope devs have learned something from weavergate.

Putting Kurandara in the soulforge for 2k is unacceptable.

This time you can’t hide behind “working as intended because new mythic of same kingdom week”, just saying.


Devs misleading ppl “accidentally” or not “knowingly” is still a poor excuse to have a normal mythic (not boss) displayed in drop pool (Kurandara) but ISN’T in drop pool.
Like a soda machine saying .75 for a can of soda when it really costs $2.00 and you get a diff soda altogether (cuz the one displayed didn’t have any in stock) and you aren’t compensated/reimbursed at all for the extra change used (or gem keys used). It’s as if labels don’t matter. Yeah, there’s a 50/50 chance between 2 mythics but still. You’ll get Doomclaw 100% of the time in this scenario. This isn’t the first time either. It’s happened multiple times in the past.
But yeah, ppl need to check global channel for real drops before using keys.

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Garside you referred to gem keys. The conversation has been about the drop pool for event keys this week. Until Friday only the new Mythic is available in any non-event (e.g., gem) key drop pool (besides it would be insane to try for a specific mythic with anything which pulls from the entire mythic pool.)

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In my guild noone has pulled Kurandura either, everyone got Doomclaw!
Was already saying in guild chat that it looked like he wasn’t in the chests!
And now I see that other people and guilds are having the same experience.

Needs to be looked into!

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Hey all!

I reported this to the team first thing this morning after noticing myself.

The dev team is currently investigating, as soon as this is resolved we will look at compensation as well.

And once we have any further information, a member of the CX team will jump in here again!

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Drop rates used to be public for those smart enough to pull it from the game.
Perhaps if no QA is going to make sure that troops are in chests like they should be.
Then perhaps the data can be made public again.
The community does tend to care and manage stuff like that tremendously better than those paid to do so.

Weaver gate happened after the data went private. Weird.


Hello :slight_smile:

Just a heads up that the development team is rolling out a fix for this issue in the next 24-48 hours and Kurandara should be available in all appropriate chests.

And as for compensation,

  • A global mail will be sent out


  • Kurandara will be added into the Soulforge for the rest of the week for a quarter of the cost of a regular mythic, so that you guys can obtain him that way if you wish.

Thank you again for reporting this issue @Fourdottwoone :slight_smile:


Looks like this is rolling out now; just got the mail + I see Kurandara in the Soulforge.

This was well handled. Kudos to the team.

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Lets say, it was handled rather quickly than what could be expected from experience, which normally tends to have a range from “weeks” (often plural) to “never”.
What should be the norm: such a mistake not happening. Question is: how did it happen?

Either way, thx for that massive compensation. Feelin’ like Richie Rich.
:surfing_man: :clown_face:


Hello :slight_smile:

Fix and compensation should be live, please check your mailbox


Thanks for the fix, that was some amazingly fast handling. However, while I’m sure the compensation will be appreciated by some bystanders unaffected by the issue, it doesn’t really help those who got hit hard by the collateral damage. Please see this feedback thread for the issue I’m facing, and I’m probably not the only one.


Thank you for the fix. Great job.

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