Kurandara compensation, what do I tell John?

There’s one player in our guild family, let’s call them John, who spent thousands of event keys on trying to obtain Kurandara. His whole stash, at least a year’s worth of saving. He didn’t need, or even want, any of the other event chest drops, just Kurandara. He was devastated when he learned out the drop table issue. He is currently considering quitting the game.

5 event keys global compensation won’t help John, John wasted thousands of event keys. Kurandara in the forge for a single week won’t help John, John would need several weeks to even collect the 1000 diamonds crafting cost, even if he were to throw in money. Extending the forge offer won’t help John, John is at a point where he can’t be asked to spend even more to receive the Kurandara he should have received slightly less than thousands of event keys earlier.

What I would like to tell John is this:

“Good news, IP2 will roll back your event keys. You’ll lose everything you obtained from them, you get to open them again now that it is really possible to obtain Kurandara.”

This obviously isn’t going to happen, for technical reasons, even though it is the only fair solution.
What I could imagine telling John instead is this:

“Good news, IP2 will check all event key logs, anybody who obtained at least one Doomclaw while the loot table was broken will be sent a free Kurandara as compensation.”

This likely also isn’t going to happen, because mythic troops are apparently considered a valuable company asset. One that must not be handed out as compensation, even though some John just paid for half a dozen and received the incorrect ones due to an internal processing mistake.

“Good news, sort of. There isn’t any automated compensation process. However, if you open a support ticket, they’ll exchange one of the many Doomclaw you received from those faulty event chests for a Kurandara.”

This is extra support work. It’s not really a good solution, because John will still be out of event keys, but at least he gets the Kurandara he was looking for, at an exceptionally steep cost.

So, my question is, what do I tell John? What do other guilds, who are likely in the same position, tell their John? Our John has been a valuable member for years, one which we wouldn’t like to lose because the one thing that shouldn’t ever get messed up, your secret slot machine configuration, got messed up yet again. Please don’t tell me that the only thing I’m able to tell John is “sucks to be you”.


From a personal perspective, There’s a few things at work here that need to be considered.

  1. This was a bug/issue/mistake, (whatever you want to call it) and isn’t fair on John or anyone else who should have received Kurandara. This is not under debate.
  2. What did John use and what should John have received?
  3. What would be a satisfactory outcome for John?
    4.What is feasible for the team to do about it?

It seems to me that John was prepared to use the event keys to get what he wanted, maybe not as many as he did, but if he had got Kurandara it wouldn’t be an issue.
Although he won’t be the only one in this situation John should be kinda selfish (maybe not the right word), but only think about a solution for himself on this occasion.
I would suggest John goes down the support ticket route and asks the team to look at this as an individual case and explain what he would like the outcome to be. I find that whenever contacting support teams they are more likely to be receptive if you have a clear idea of what would be an acceptable conclusion. Suggest either sending the troop or the resources to craft it.
Maybe if he knows exactly how many Doomclaws he got he could use this as evidence to ask for multiple copies of Kurandara.
Oh and finally, when sending the support request tell John not to use the word compensation,
as John is only asking for the item/s he is entitled to and that generally refers to something in addition to that.
Good luck to John.


It’s interesting to me that exact gem amounts can be refunded when the Faction Assault Shop doesn’t work correctly as well as repeating the event, but figuring out how many event keys people used is impossible or that somehow that cant be done again. It seems odd that some things can be done immediately and other almost identical situations are impossible to correct.

5 event keys is an absolute slap in the face, thats practically nothing at all.


The “John” is in my guild and i would also like to know what i can tell our beloved “John” regarding the slap in his face of receiving 5 events keys after spending thousands and saving them for a really really long time. And please do not tell us that it’s RNG base drop because alter spending thousands ANY possible RNG would have dropped that mythic so the most feasible solution here would be to simply check the logs and take away what he received and let him try his RNG luck again if offering a Doomclaw conversion is not possible. This is a long time player and it would be a shame if he (and others in similar situations) would quit because “we sealed Kurandara all too well back when we used the Seal of Kurandara”. 5 event keys honestly tells tales abt how valuable is the player base of this game and it does not make up for a good tale with all due respect :saluting_face:. Awaiting a better solution from you guys as i am more than sure that there is something better that y’all can come up with considering that this was not the player’s mistake as it was not with Archproxy and Arahnean Weaver either. While we appreciate the ability to craft Kurandara at 25% it is a bit a reach for some people to gather the diamonds and to lose it because they did not have time to gather them is infuriating at the very least. So I stand here with 4.21, what do i tell “John”?


And John did go the support ticket route and stated his case in particular as i am sure many others did too. We are awaiting to see what response he’ll receive from Support’s side and i sure hope it won’t be a ticket closed without a reply


Our John already got a reply, it suggests that the 5 event keys and Kurandara crafting opportunity (provided you have diamonds saved up) is all there is going to be, no matter how many keys you lost.


Dear John,

It is what it is.

– xoxo, CX


seems that as a player base we stop using event keys. This is not the first time it has happened… weaver gate 2.0 or is it 3.0 now?

as i see it a global compensation of 1 kurandara to all. (this would not benefit me i already have 3)

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don’t forget obligatory
“we’re incredibly sorry”
:surfing_man: :clown_face:

The only thing I always wonder about is this: if we know that stuff like this happens from time to time why do some people all of a sudden feel the rush to click through all their year long saved up keys in a timespan of a few minutes right after a weekly reset. I don’t understand it. Just wait (a day) and don’t ever get burned. Sure, if everyone would do this “tactic” nothing much of information would be gained, but be assured there’s always someone to click first. Just don’t be that person and you’ll always be fine. A longterm player should know about such things if we’re talking about “this game”.
Overall a sad story though.


yeah he showed me … as always … a joke … ugh … take it with a pinch of salt I guess since there’s not much more we can do to explain the obvious :confused:

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I feel if John pulled no mythics then no compensation. If he did pull Doomclaw, he should be compensated with equal number of kurandara in exchange.

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@icy when the respective player is missing 10 troops only and the Kingdom where he is missing one comes up, how is he supposed to know that the exact troops he is looking for is NOT in the event chests when IT SHOULD actually be there lol … with all due respect, you are saying is that we should play extremely carefully because the game is flawed at every corner and anything and everything can happen at any one time. While this has been proven true, who would seriously think that a specific troop will not be in event chests? You’d think that after Archproxy/ Weaver fiasco it will never happen again… guess we live and learn and this is not the case and it is always flawed and that we are not actually backed by support even if the mistake is not from the player’s side lol

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If you’re in global and see dozens of Doomclaws and no Kurandara that’s a good sign of something going on.

Some people will always go ahead and open their keys. Maybe they just want any other the mythics of a kingdom, or they want other troops from there.


Tbh I quit global chat long time ago because of many reasons. And most of my guild members have every troop already. Or are missing only 1 or 2. So there’s no indication for people like me, that are only missing mythic troops, even though it’s A LOT of them.

Yes, I got another Doomclaw out of keys. My 2nd copy. And I crafted my 1st Kurandara, even though I’m missing 11 of the regular weapons of the upcoming 2 kingdoms and now I’m down to 100 diamonds in total. So it was getting up to 4 weapons out of the Soulforge and maybe 2 more during events. OR getting a mythic troop that everyone else in my guild has already, for a quarter of the regular price … :thinking:

At least the Soulforge “presents” are nice to have, even though I don’t needed any of them. Unlike mythic troops and weapons. But still. “Compensation” has been worse in the past …


Dear John,
We are incredibly sorry about your using a year’s worth of saved event keys, only to find we made a mistake and accidentally removed the mythic troop you were hoping to get, and more than likely would have gotten by using over 1000 keys, from the event chests.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.


and that is the point: you know the game has certain flaws that suddenly emerge back from time to time, or new flaws that emerge out of nowhere - so as a player that has the strength to save up event keys for year(s) I expect the brains to not just wildly click around with weekly reset. obviously the player isn’t at fault for the whole situation, but depending on how many keys they wildly clicked open I’d question certain things too.

as sylverscale pointed out, there’s a pretty good indicator with the global chat - or even guild chat - possibly other rooms. also if something smells fishy after a few hours you can most likely read about it in this forum. there’s just no explanation for a as quickly as possible rushed chest openings straight after reset.

sure such a flawed gamedesign shouldn’t happen, the main fault clearly is on the devs, also because they’re again lowballing their compensation. but if you jump into a swimming pool you’d also check first if there’s water in it, right? even if someone said they filled it up for you, right? someone could’ve messed with it - or the person filling it up could’ve made a mistake.

would be a cool thing to have some minor in-guild support system in place, f.e. to be able to donate ~10 event keys a week (same amount as you can exchange in shop each week) to donate to other guild members. sure, would take some time and willing guild members, but over the course of a few weeks things would at least quickly refill, without any donators really noticing.


@icy we do fill them up from LTs but unfortunately the event keys are the lowest number wise to receive even when u make 200 LTs roughly every GW week and close all tasks every other week so it will still take time and yes, it would be amazing to have a game structure in place where we could donate extra troops or event keys as you mentioned. Other games have this system and i am sure it was proposed here as well but disregarded for some reason as it most likely does not help the game economy. Am sure if we had that, anyone of us would have donated a kurandara since most of us have all troops since a long time or very close to having them all. Our John does not check global unfortunately as most of my players due to the toxicity of it and with that, am sure many would agree. I was one of the primary recruiters in my game family for years and even i stay away from global chat when it is not needed for me to be there for same reasonings. Anyway, yes, he could have checked probably on forums or discord but it was published later than he tried. Regardless of that, i will never let myself convinced that it was John’s fault for smth that should have been there in the first place but yes, i do agree that we need to exact extra care due to multiple game flaws and new occurring ones all the time whether we like it or not … if we still enjoy playing this game, we have to take it with its flaws too like any “partnership” lol

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To play devils advocate though if eveeryone were to wait until they start seeing it in Global Chat(which i dont go in) then who is the proverbial guinea pig to open in this case Event Chests first? Also, it doesnt help asking in the forums if certain troops are available. There is a topic with Devs tagged about whether Vuphinne Hunter is in chests yet for a while and ther hasn’t been an answer.
But here it was stated that a particular mythic was in Event chests and it wasn’t. I wasn’t affected here, but even if i had spent only 10 event keys and all i got back was 5 I know how I would feel about it

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gow devs or “cx mods” stated many things throughout the years, whether it being “ingame” which is what they call “official” or promises in the forums/news which then never came to fruition and are ignored if asked about it again. just believing anything because it went without problems for quite some time doesn’t mean you’re safe if you just assume you’ll be safe. it is also known how gow devs or “cx mods” basically non-handle compensations.

that certainly isn’t a critique on this topic, because the handling of gow officials on that matter is again just poorly and cheap. gow devs or “cx mods” also change things as they please, some things can eventually be “hotfixed” rather quickly if “they” desire it, as you could see with the vault event date change not too long ago, midweek, around 24h before it taking place… or with the promised “extra” vault event that never took place because they skipped others in exchange or adjusted the timeframe in between vault events to basically “skip one”.

players with their limited and long saved up resources should act more caring about their stuff. if “John” sadly became the newest prime example maybe this will help future education of (newer) players at least? you’ll probably never reach the point of noone directly after reset (or a few hours later) wildly clicking around to open chests/keys like crazy because of pure impatience. yes, the fault lies within the games flaws, the question is if a caring player would notice (at some point! at least?).
either way: if you’re just not “that person” to instawildlclick first you’ll…

  • keep your gambling addiction in check :>
  • save yourself some loading times due to massive numbers of openers all at once directly after reset
  • gather information and assess if a desired mythic “drops” in global chat or possibly guild chat
  • gather the same information if you look into this forum due to “caring” people posting about “problems”

i personally also don’t use global chat because of obvious reasons like toxicity or all around non-valuable-spam, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t available. log into it for a certain period and assess the drops and then be fine - or let others that don’t mind do it for you. if you simply “won’t” … “because”, then I don’t have a problem with that either, but not using (all) available options seems to not be the most clever thing with this game, some other options are still there though, as listed above.

never trust. stay informed. be careful. … enjoy.