Krystaran Trivia

This thread is for pointing out a trivial fact or statistic from the game.

The only rule is it must be trivia - the fact must have no material impact on the game or how one plays it.

I’ll start off:

50% of all Green/Purple troops have names starting with S.

Over half of all Monsters don’t chew with their mouths closed.

Want to be at the cutting edge of Krystaran fashion? Get ye a horned helmet!


@shimrra at last you will have a home here…

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100% of Giants are male.

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Technically untrue. Hero can be a female giant with the Warlord class perk.


100% of Dwarves are male.

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Empowered troops: Brown/Yellow has three, Purple/Green has two. No others have more than one.

One-Shot troops: all three are Yellow.

Legendary colors: Brown/Purple has four, Blue/Yellow has three, Blue/Purple has three. Many others only have one.

Female troops: Karakoth, Khaziel, Sword’s Edge and Zaejin are the only kingdoms that don’t have at least one. (Primal and Apocalypse don’t really count…)

… I can do this all day.


Then keep going, no ones going to stop you :wink:


Only seven of the kingdoms’ emblems do not have a face (or skull) of some kind.

Khaziel, Maugrim Woods, Pridelands, Wild Plains - their emblems do not accurately represent their kingdom’s banner colors. The rest mostly do (some blurring of the lines here, i.e. Zaejin maybe and so on…)

Glacial Peaks is the only banner with no icon on it.


Although the Imps have similar legendary trait, only Shadow Dragon has a trait allowing him to gain attack for every gem match of a specific color (purple).

Glacial Peaks, Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands are the only three Kingdoms having no deck slots associated to them.

Although it is not represented on the map, the Primal kingdom actually has a location ; coordinates corresponding to where it should be on the map (that is in the sea in the bottom right corner of the map). I used that to place it on my unpublished site and wonder if Apocalypse is the same (wich would be convenient for me !)

The hero used to have his own Kingdom, it’s still in the game file (as many obsolete resources) but it’s not used anymore.

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Marauders have the most troops to their type. (not sure if true but it might be)

Apocalypse is marked as (148, 929).

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Beasts: 18
Humans: 18
Monsters: 18
Undead: 18
Wildfolk: 18

Marauders: 17

Daemons: 15
Fey: 12
Giants: 12
Knights: 11
Dragons: 10
Elementals: 10
Constructs: 8
Divine: 8
Elves: 7
Dwarves: 6


To be fair though, you can’t throw the dirt eating scum of Broken Spire in the same pot with the highly sophisticated Titans of Stormheim! Well except Ogre, he’s ok, he tells great stories.

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3 common,
3 ultra rare, and,
2 rare troops guarantee extra turns in their spell text

2 common,
2 epic, and,
1 legendary troop give situational extra turns in their text

Yellow, purple, green, blue, and skulls are the only gems thus far that can can be transformed from all of any color

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Of converters, there are only three that can fuel themselves. Can you name them?

(There are of course many creators and destroyers who can self-fuel.)

Anointed One,
Finnly, and,
Shadow Dragon

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Two troops with 100% devour rate.

Right… But one munches on enemies whilst the other munches on friends…


I only see 4/9 Green/Purple Troops that start with S.