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Kruarg the Dread summons Evolved Gorgotha

Was trying out Kruarg the Dread and when I cast him for the final damage on the enemy anointed one, it summoned an Evolved Gorgotha.

I know it was an evolved Gorgotha because it had WAY more Hp than my own and It has a 15 any mana spell. Was only able to get a cap of the reward screen. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/492403625776206678/DF692E516E4D4566AB82790DC1DB74395A3E311C/

Not complaining but kinda nice to be able to summon an uncollectable troop. :yum:


Devs, please don’t fix this. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s like hitting the jackpot.

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Yea winning the lottery, and only being able to spend it in 1 second.

Hey, smoke 'em while ya got 'em, eh?


Is it meant to be like explore where you face troops that have random levels/rarity/traits or is it meant to summon a troop that has the exact stats it would have if you had used it in your original lineup?

We actually discussed if we wanted to allow this or not. In the end we decided the chances of summoning it was fairly low (after all there are a lot of daemons), that is would be rather satisfying to actual pull it off.


Does that mean I should unfilter Rainbow Gorgotha in my DB? :smiley:

For those keeping score at home, Rainbow Gorgotha gets different traits too (no Graniteskin); in fact, as it’s a completely separate troop, I imagine it always gets summoned at level 1 and untraited. Hmm.


Has anyone noticed if the devour trait seems to be okay? I’d imagine it is fairly low to proc.

If you want to. He’s still unable to be collected though.

Ok confirmation that THAT actually was involved gorgotha, that makes me happy.

Also makes me really sad that i got him as i won.

Oh any reason why he wouldn’t have traits? I know i have 2 traits on my normal one, so it isnt tied to that.

Level would be your Magic?

Right. Okay, so he’ll never be Mythic and won’t ever have traits, but he’ll be level 19 if your Magic is high enough.

Hah, this is interesting.

If I only got the new legendary from 70 event chests -.-
Here’s hoping I’ll get him soon and join the testing :smiley:

Still don’t have my coveted Moloch but I got Kruarg in my first 10 event chests. :persevere: