[Known Issue] Legends Reborn always in the active frame

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All platform

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We have a pet rescue. I am expecting it on the big frame since I am done with legends reborn. After that faction assaults should show in the big frame not legends reborn since that is already done.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
When legends reborn happened

Steps to make it happen again
Not applicable.
It got stoned by medusa. Got stuck now in the big frame.


Yep; this is annoying. I’ve collected all the herbs; the next story playthru isn’t until Thursday; there is nothing left for me to do in Legends Reborn until then so it shouldn’t be taking up the big spot.

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Not just this but the famous exclamation mark is always there too. Very annoying!

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For me, the exclamation point only pops up if there are rewards from legends reborn that I haven’t claimed. I also wonder if legends reborn would disappear from the active frame if I spend ~1000 gems to get the full second column of rewards. Not testing that one out…

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The green exclamation still there after using 1350 gems.

Hmm. Have you maybe gotten enough cursed runes to upgrade your soul forge? I certainly did this weekend…

My soulforge is maxed out

Have you claimed both free pets? The Owlbear for the questline?

I don’t use my money for this game and I’ll never will, I used gems for the pets. My soulforge? Maxed.

Hilariously completing the pet rescue got it (pet rescue active) to show up in the active window

Closing game and reopening game got it to show the ‘defeat cedric’ vault alert

Opening completed pet rescue and closing pet rescue got it to show legends reborn in active window

Pet rescue is the worst ‘tile’, especially during vault events. Why does it need 2 tiles? Surely the 1 including remaining rescue time is sufficient and would leave space for vault gnome count or whatever.

It feels like the large tile is used to promote whathever event/mode has a higher “priority” (usually whichever one expires sooner). Something like:

  • 1-hour Pet Rescue (Pet Gnome event)
  • Daily event (until all rewards are claimed)
  • Weekend event
  • Daily Adventure board / bosses
  • Gnome Vault / Treasure Hunt / Arena runs

At least most exclamation marks have lost their animation frames this patch, no more throbbery in your peripheral vision!

I absolutely get that but surely the remaining pet rescue time can and should be included on the “priority tile” without the need to scroll across for time info on the secondary tile. The secondary tile would thus be redundant and could be replaced with something more pertinent such as gnome count during vault events. Sometimes I have no idea what my gnome count is for hours on end because we cycle GaPs to maximimise pet runs.