24 Hour Pet Rescue Splash Screen Bug

If the bug is specific to my device then I’ll provide more details upon request.

Twice today I’ve been notified about the 24 pet rescue at the end of a battle.

It’s never happened prior to patch 5.3

First time was at the end of an adventure battle. I ended that play session.
Came back and played a Tower of Doom battle and got the pet rescue splash screen at the end of the battle again.

Had it happen again after the 5-8 Arena victory today. This time on my Chromebook, not on my Android phone.

Happened again during a new arena run. Maybe tied to using new teams? Still on the Chromebook under the same play session.

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I’ve gotten it too. Switched from Arena to PVP. Screen popped up. Switched to Explore, screen popped up. Did a delve & came back to main map, screen popped up. All in a single login.

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So it must be tied to the different modes and not sessions. Device used please?
(If Android, are you also on Android 11?)

I think I had it too. After AB and Dungeons.
It stopped after I cleared the rescue, of course.

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PC/Steam here - for me it did not pop up until after a PVP battle. Hasn’t popped up since for me.

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I’m only on PC/Steam. Mainly because my fat fingers make playing GOW on a phone very risky.

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Updated the OP to include the 3rd time it’s triggered for me personally today, 3rd seperate game mode.