Bugs about Legends reborn_Shengtang

When I tried to collect my reward, the game crashed. I have rebooted but don’t work. I wonder how to solve this problem. :innocent:

Could you describe a little more in detail what the crash looked like? A screenshot might also be helpful.

About to sit back and watch the world burn as people start freezing and crashing during guild wars from legends reborn quest. Should have watched ole sinnycool…or did they fix that that would be great. Im not doing the quest until next week just in case tho

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I’ve been asked about LR bugs in a few places from people being (rightfully) cautious over the potential for game hanging / crashing after doing LR.

I can only comment on what I have experienced buttt

I tested on beta with 2 accounts for Legends Reborn Questline, I had zero issues after replaying the questline or collecting pets from magical energy. I also have tested on production servers (only on steam and android however) and also had no game hanging or crashes after LR interaction.

This doesn’t mean it won’t happen but its looking less awful than last time

Thats good to know! I just feel why rush a pet thats up for 2 weeks during such a busy week anyway? Especially after all the crashing and freezing the last time we had the exact same event. Always next week to get the 1 quest pet

I have post a screenshot now. All the bottoms doesn’t work when I tried to collect the reward.

When I hit the play button, there was an outage screen, and I couldn’t get my pet Baihu by clicking on it.

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Also reported here: [Contact Support] Kingdom Crusher Achievement Stuck at 80% Complete

It looks like there is no way you can get it unstuck. Please open a support ticket here, category “Account issue”.

The developers did nothing to fix the bug and finally I didn’t gather any pet Baihu.

The event is still active for another week so don’t fret too much, we still have time. Can you access your account from another device? Perhaps on mobile, tablet or pc?

Steam or Android, this activity doesn’t work on either device.

100% put that in your support ticket, someone should be able to get it looked at for you

Dev did nothing, I get no reward.:roll_eyes:

Welcome to Gems of War @Langtcang

Clearly there wasn’t enough time.

@Kafka @Jeto @Nimhain

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