[Contact Support] Kingdom Crusher Achievement Stuck at 80% Complete

Xbox Series X

The Kingdom Crusher achievement should have unlocked when I completed the 5th story playthrough in the Legends Reborn event, instead my achievement is stuck at 80% complete

This was a one-time issue, I am not sure how to replicate it. It seems to be unlocking for other players, so not sure why mine didn’t unlock. I tried restarting the game and reopening the event, but nothing will trigger the achievement.

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Two things:

  1. When posting a bug here on the forums, don’t prefix it with [Reported] - that’s something the CX team does when they process the bugs and actually report them to the devs.

  2. Since this issue appears to be related to your account (and not a general bug - as you mentioned, others have gotten the achievement), it’s probably account-specific, so you’ll want to contact support for assistance instead of posting here.


I can add here as well.

Needed to make the final fight twice, Afterwards the archer quest (at level 165) but could not finish it (battle 4 came multiple times)

Now I can’t get the final pets. When hitting play I get distorted screen and need to close app, as no button works.

Have tried everything apart from reinstall so far. Nothing works.


Morgan Freeman narrator voice: “Things were - in fact - not quite ‘alright’.”


Linking similar issue: