[KNOWN ISSUE] Dragons’ Defense no move

Dragons’ Defense

I can move gems, but some gems are missing on the table

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I am more confused by the skulls over the 3 colored gems in the middle.


You are using troops with the ability to create gems at the start of your turn. if you do any cast that moves or explodes etc gems on the board or match gems before the gems are created and resolved this is the result. Make sure to wait until the gems are created and any matches are settled before doing anything this is a known issue and has been reported several times. Always best to check current bug reports in the forum or check the zendesk site before making a report to avoid these multiple bug reports and instead add to existing bug reports.

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Hey all,

This is related to the issue @havok6669 has shared, but I will jump into that article and update it to mentioned the ‘Born of X’ trait issue more broadly rather than specifically about the troop Hawthorn.

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Well, as the known issues article about the “Born of X” trait is already linked in this thread, I just must ask: Why has the promised workaround (= deactivate “Born of X” traits until fix / eternity) never been implemented?

I mean, two weeks ago we had an issue, where the game could freeze and many players lost sigils in the world event. The reason is identified rather quick, a workaround is promised, it is known, that the workaround is very easy to implement (remember, the broken Wyrmrum traits were exchanged a few hours after release of the Wyrmrun faction). Everything clear, not the best thing to happen, but ok… and then? Nothing happens. The “Born of X” traits remain unchanged and this week we face the very same issue, that was described very clearly by the community and should have been solved two weeks ago. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Honestly, I really don´t understand this. It is not only, that we get new bugs every week, no, we also have to accept, that these bugs just remain active, even if they are so simple to solve.


The easiest work around atm is to just take a few seconds at the start of each turn until the coding is resolved. Removing the trait would just make the troops less powerful for those times when you choose/ have to use them. It would be nice if they used the in game mail or news or flash sale popup features to notify players of how to avoid issues using them.