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[Reported] Stuck while casting Hawthorn spell

PC, Windows 10, Steam

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected to select a row to be destroyed, but before I was able to select the row some of the top gems got removed (in screenshot) and I was left in the selection action. Clicking anywhere on the screen doesn’t do anything, can’t go back or cancel, had to kill the game.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time, maybe 6th or 7th battle with this team.

Steps to make it happen again
Wasn’t able to reproduce yet. I Will update if this happens again.


Just got this exact thing on IOS. Seems to happen every time.

This one has been reported a couple of times

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Thank you for reporting this!

I’ve created a Known Issue article here:


Whether it’s create skulls, create gems or ect.

Please do more testing before releasing these gimmick traits. Every iteration the past 6 months has come with a bug of some sort.


Personally I was surprised they managed to release both Wildcards and Burning Gems without breaking the game :grin:

Hawthorn is required on the team as the multiplier YET it bugs the team when cast. Sigils are lost. Game time is lost. Respect has been long lost= weavergate. However, to complete this journey requires sigils which are brought with gems. At the higher tiers, many gems. Don’t release content that is bugged when it is basically compulsory content for best and efficient completion of a task. Shameful gaming. Put in a patch now. Fix it.
What use is a troop you can’t cast without a bug. Though I suppose the excuse will be -oh its working as intended. Don’t think so this time. Or are we meant to use three card teams . Hawthorn IS BUGGED.

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This just happened to me, too. I should have looked here first. At least this is in Explore instead of something that’ll waste a sigil, but…seriously, devs…this is basic QA.

Steam version.

Got me in journey too :disappointed: