Kingdom Star Progress Indicator

The old global map had kingdom names overlaid on a blue-and-grey progress bar which showed how close a kingdom was to its next kingdom-power star. I found it a very useful feature, because I could easily tell which kingdoms were close to their next star without having to check each kingdom one at a time. The new UI has no such indicator, as far as I can tell. Its return would be a marked quality-of-life improvement to the world map screen.


I noticed that earlier too. We were able to get them to implement it, then they took it away. :frowning:

But yeah, we definitely need it back. Helps a lot when progressing an account in mid game and late game players will be needing it again as kingdom approach 9 stars.

100% agree - it’s the biggest upset of the new UI for me! I can understand that daily memory exercising is important but come on - why to remove something which was so useful and convenient in previous UI!

For an external solution, @Lyya’s sight does wonderful for telling you how close you are to the next kingdom star if you play PC/mobile. You only need to be level 50 to link your account which will then automatically pull all your data and make your life much easier!

(I say only PC/mobile because it auto updates. Consoles must manually input all their information which could take awhile)

No they don’t, you just create your account and log in.

For consoles? If so, that’s awesome! I guess when I signed up almost a year ago they didn’t have auto updating.

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