Kingdom Preview: Wild Plains! (A PC/Mobile Necro)

No worries, and thanks for enlightening us all… :wink:

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Wild Plains is now Live!

Sunweaver gives them stats and a bit of mana? Or is that supposed to be magic? Or does it actually increase the mana pool…

And Hydra flavor text is already on Chimera. EDIT- it occurs to me that the Hydra’s ability might not be as intuitive given that the current UI doesn’t show how much hp a unit is missing or what its max is. Food for thought.

Presently I can’t see any tooltips on the new troops (i.e. boost ratios etc) like the troop list on the website has, but this may be solved by actually unlocking the troops - I don’t know.

Otherwise this looks sweet. Nice theme and they might actually be useful in defense.

Sunweaver’s spell really does give Mana. She can target herself as well.

Hydra flavor text was meant to say “He makes the Chimera Jealous.”

(Text corrections will go out later).

What is the tribute of this kingdom? Is there a way to see this info in-game for any kingdom?

With new kingdom, are all troops available in chest? or common and rare only or?

All the new troops (minus Skeleros) are available from Chests. You’ll have a chance to get Skeleros during next week’s event.

Well i have to say this deeply saddens me, it never even remotely occured to me that those frog thingies and worms specimens you fight against in the mist of scales could be the home of the proud and cool fish people that are the naga :cry:

When i imagined naga kingdom, it was like, atlantis sorta vibe, underwater ruins or smth :grin:

Don’t you mean snake people?

why did this how up in my watch thing? my hopes were raised and crushed too quickly

I am trying to add the Regeneration trait to my Barbearius and it requires 4 Arcane Beast Traitstones. According to the Wiki that Traitstone is in the Wild Plains.

I am playing the Xbox One version of the game and do not see the Wile Plains on the map! Do I have to unlock it some how?

Wild plains is not available on consoles yet

Well that stinks, do you know if the Arcane Beast Traitstone available in a different realm on the console?

Irishfury187 is correct,

HOWEVER if you don’t want to wait and want it today you can just buy the Sylvasi pack from the rewards screen and get all the Arcane Beast Trait stones you want.

Thanks for the head’s up!
Unfortunately I only have enough to buy one, it comes with two Arcane Beast Traitstones and I need 4 :frowning:

Grind out your weekly PvP rank to 1 so every day you login gives you 16 Glory, look for Tasks that Reward glory and complete them, play Treasure Hunt. You will get 300 by the end of the week.

Well, you have a week to get the extra glory which you should be able to do.

  1. Play PvP to get to rank 1. Aside from the 3 glory you gain per win (and you’ll need at least 20 for 60 glory there), you’ll gain an additional 16 glory for 6 days or another 96. So that’s 156 Glory right there.

  2. Treasure Maps. Go farm them with Tyri if you need them. Then especially you have the task “Use 4 Treasure Maps”, not only will you get whatever glory you earn from using the maps, but the task itself awards 100 glory on top of that.

So it’s very doable. Good luck.

You can still get the traitstone from maps.

Not on console you can’t. Still the old 15 turn maps.

Why have they not added that yet?!

Probably because it was a 1.09 feature and our patch equivalent is 1.085 meaning the 1.08 patch line with the 1.09 troop specs.

It should be updated in the next patch coming soon™.