Kingdom Preview: Wild Plains! (A PC/Mobile Necro)


Roam the Wild Plains soon and discover the shamanistic tribes of the Tauros!
First details here >>


Cool. We’ve already had some big hints that the Mana bonus will be Red/Green: Missing Red/Green City?

From the background pic, I’m guessing Wild Plains will be in the far southeast of the map, past Grosh-Nak? Or possibly that little Kingdom between Forest of Thorns and Khetar?

I kind of want one of the new troops from here to have a AoE attack called “China Shop”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


/proofreader cap on

“greater understanding of the Tauros” is missing the ing :wink:

/proofreader cap off

HAH! I knew it! I was right!
I had said the new kingdom would be a plains (or mountain or swamp or jungle or hills) kingdom! I was also 100% certain it would have a mana bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


Good catch, cheers!


Editors are so damn expensive. So if I want to bring out an ebook, I’ll have to learn to spot stuff :wink:




Hm, the banner looks more like red/yellow to me…

EDIT: oh nevermind, I hadn’t clicked the link yet… :smile:


I’m really looking forward to this new kingdom! Bulls are cool :sunglasses:


Seems like there’s now also a cow level in GoW.


Looks like a load of Bull to me! Sorry I just couldn’t resist. :smiley:

Looking forward to it even though I haven’t finished fully leveling all the old kingdoms!



Let me be the first to say :frowning:

We want Naga kingdom, not some random Taurens (cows) :unamused:


Vote count for Naga Kingdom : 1

p.s. Make Tauren a possibility for hero race too!



I’m pretty sure Mist of Scales is home to the Naga.


Surely Shamans is spelt wrongly too?


You’d think so, wouldn’t you :wink:


Sharmen… Maybe they’re ultra strong? :smirk:


Confirmed, Mist of Scales is home to the Naga.


That’s a good idea. More races to Heroes, based on the kingdoms

More races for Heroes

Shamans is the correct English plural.

Shaman is not linked to the word man as shaman comes from Evenki, a language spoken in modern day Russia. As with almost all borrowings from other languages, shaman takes a regular English plural ending in -s.

/linguistics nerd


True, but Jainus was referring to a typo (Sharmens) that has since been fixed.


Thanks for the explanation and apologies for my incorrect assumption, Jainus. I’m surprised didn’t notice that typo the first time I read it (which would have been well before Jainus’ comment).