Kingdom Preview: Wild Plains! (A PC/Mobile Necro)

Roam the Wild Plains soon and discover the shamanistic tribes of the Tauros!
First details here >>


Cool. We’ve already had some big hints that the Mana bonus will be Red/Green: Missing Red/Green City?

From the background pic, I’m guessing Wild Plains will be in the far southeast of the map, past Grosh-Nak? Or possibly that little Kingdom between Forest of Thorns and Khetar?

I kind of want one of the new troops from here to have a AoE attack called “China Shop”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

/proofreader cap on

“greater understanding of the Tauros” is missing the ing :wink:

/proofreader cap off

HAH! I knew it! I was right!
I had said the new kingdom would be a plains (or mountain or swamp or jungle or hills) kingdom! I was also 100% certain it would have a mana bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

Good catch, cheers!

Editors are so damn expensive. So if I want to bring out an ebook, I’ll have to learn to spot stuff :wink:


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Hm, the banner looks more like red/yellow to me…

EDIT: oh nevermind, I hadn’t clicked the link yet… :smile:

I’m really looking forward to this new kingdom! Bulls are cool :sunglasses:

Seems like there’s now also a cow level in GoW.

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Looks like a load of Bull to me! Sorry I just couldn’t resist. :smiley:

Looking forward to it even though I haven’t finished fully leveling all the old kingdoms!


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Let me be the first to say :frowning:

We want Naga kingdom, not some random Taurens (cows) :unamused:


Vote count for Naga Kingdom : 1

p.s. Make Tauren a possibility for hero race too!


I’m pretty sure Mist of Scales is home to the Naga.

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Surely Shamans is spelt wrongly too?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you :wink:

Sharmen… Maybe they’re ultra strong? :smirk:

Confirmed, Mist of Scales is home to the Naga.

That’s a good idea. More races to Heroes, based on the kingdoms

Shamans is the correct English plural.

Shaman is not linked to the word man as shaman comes from Evenki, a language spoken in modern day Russia. As with almost all borrowings from other languages, shaman takes a regular English plural ending in -s.

/linguistics nerd

True, but Jainus was referring to a typo (Sharmens) that has since been fixed.

Thanks for the explanation and apologies for my incorrect assumption, Jainus. I’m surprised didn’t notice that typo the first time I read it (which would have been well before Jainus’ comment).