Kingdom pass is a chore, ruining the game

Plz stop with Kingdom pass and other garbage events. Hoard mimic was terrible and now kingdom pass feels like a chore and makes me want to walk away. Best part of the game is competing in guild wars and team building. Not much time for that though since we are tasked with busy work.


You might be a few years late with this complaint. The game has been pushing up the stress factor consistently since about 2017. And it will certainly not get any less; you should rather expect more new events in the future.

There are two important groups of players. A few hundred whales, who are responsible for the vast majority of the game income. And new players (to whom every bit of additional content means a stronger incentive to start), who are there to be eaten alive by those top players, unless they put in even more money.
You and I are in neither of those groups, and as such count as a necessary burden.

And for the last few years, I would not agree with this anymore either. Not at all.


I don’t mind most of the events, but recently we’ve been getting more that are luck-based or behind pay walls and it’s taking the fun out of the progress I’ve made as a long-term player.