Have the devs sucked all the enjoyment out of new Kingdoms?

I can list all the ways they have made a once exciting time into just another unenjoyable grind. But I’m more curious to hear your thoughts and see if I feel the same as the majority or minority on this?


I don’t relish the thought of hunting 10 crashers per day for several weeks in order to attain all rewards (if that is what is needed), in particular the level 50 troop on free pass. But constructs aren’t generally the best of troops so future kingdoms and classes may well provide more interesting. I liked the comic strip style (xbox) but it seems this hasn’t transferred well to android players. I am okay with the new Kingdom overall despite not being a fan of gargoyle gems. Not many (if any) of these troops are likely to be regulars for me except perhaps in GW defence. The class weapon with lava storm support troop has potential to really disable teams, or backfire massively lol.


I dont understand. What is so unbelievably horrible about this release of new content? New troops, new kingdom, rare event and a few bugs. It seems fine and im really happy about it


Answer to the topic question: No.
Since there isn’t a poll included on these topics, only a like button I have to respond.

I had loads of fun yesterday with the release.

Keep in mind that the ‘unenjoyable grind’ is not mandatory. The worst case scenario is you miss a weapon for free. Everything else is available later.

What is it you have liked to see different? Pay the money and get the rewards instantly?


Well, it’s a for-profit operation. The content must suck enough for the maximum number of people to want to pay so they don’t have to engage with it, but not suck enough to make everyone quit.


All the troops just go into chests like they did with 33 other kingdoms. Nothing needs to be bought or time gated.

The Journey event is an unenjoyable grind in my opinion. And since GoW is a game, technically it’s all optional.


I liked the old way they released Kingdoms. That was exciting.

Now it is a just grind for WEEKS. It is being streeeecthed to last weeks, to make money of course, but the player experience is really suffering.


THIS Kingdom release is horrible - timewise - on top of both a Guild Wars week with a Journey(we aren’t really sure is working - maybe. At higher level you are bound to loose miles. Not motivating).
And a Campaign(with ridiculous repeating tasks and/or tasks you can’t complete before late in the week. I am grateful they added reroll tasks).

Why oh why do they keep adding new stuff on Guild Wars weeks. At least it doesn’t seem like there are bugs in Guild Wars this time.


The Ruby-biter weapon gets paywalled once the kingdom pass ends, grinding out the whole pass is the only way to get it without spending money.

I said it when we had Nexus, I’ll say it again - chasing 10 battle crashers for weeks is tedious and boring.

I wonder if they want us to give up and just spend gems on it - I suppose that’s the idea behind it.


My point was what I would like to be changed.

Every event is a grind, world event is an even bigger grind to me, journey is pretty similar to world evenr because you pick a battle and earn some points

Yeah, by the end of the last kingdom event I was spent on the game. I know several people in our alliance ended up quitting, going casual, or vowing to never again spend money on the game.

You’d think after last year’s 36% drop in revenues and continuously declining player numbers they’d start listening. Maybe that’s why we got a roadmap and some form of commitment to content updates.

[At least the remaining forum goers haven’t been threatened with ex-communication recently!]

But alas, new kingdom, same old bugs, same blatant non-observance, and no commitment to fixing anything for the next kingdom release - again.

I’m done reporting bugs, it’s just not happening. Not with this crew. I’m done with the grind, I use gems to skip as much content as possible. If my gem income stops outpacing my spending, then I’m also done with the game. Not a single penny from me.

I guess we were supposed to get War Coins from Hellcrag’s quest line :thinking:


↑ This is what made new Kingdoms something to look forward to so it’s disappointing that it’s not like that anymore. Putting the Pay-To-Get issue aside; I hope the Devs don’t think that people would want to stop playing just because they own all the troops?! In fact, the opposite is true.

Glass half full: I do like the new format of the Quest Conversations (or “cutscenes” lol). The comic book style and seeing my hero interact with the troops was a lot of fun.


For my part:

  • The Kingdom Pass event is way too long, six weeks of chasing battlecrashers daily is an interminable grind.
  • The terrible complexity of the phased release: which troops are in chests? which are in events? which are time or money gated behind the Kingdom pass?; it’s a mess.
  • The annoyance that the class doesn’t unlock at the same time as the kingdom.
  • …and all this means that you can’t actually yet build many good Hellcrag teams; it’s neutered by so much of it still being gated; where’s the fun in that? LET US PLAY.

I feel like Nexus had the same problems – too few troops at release, not fun to build teams for – but has somewhat rounded out since then; and was counterbalanced by the Elementalist class being so fun to build around. Maybe that happens here too? but at the moment it’s all grind, no fun.

(And also tangentially: the new release utterly screwed up the Campaign tasks this week and turned the Campaign into either a 6-day slog, a whole bunch of reroll grind, or a gem sink.)


I think older players may be a lot more fussy about things…if you are tired of the game maybe it is time to find another game.

A LOT of this game has always been grinding - opening the original 35 Kingdoms (which I did just a few months ago) was a TON of grinding.

I am not being mean - after all I might reach end-game status one day too. But for now I still find everything fun and exciting!

Personally I like it if a BUNCH of different things are happening at the same time - like this week we have GW, New Kingdom - with the Challenges and the the Journey/Campaign thing on the side and then we have the normal Hellcrag monument and also the Guild event…a nice variety to rotate amongst! Plus the normal weekly happenings.

I can imagine one will find it stressful if this is the ONLY Kingdom where one does not have EVERYTHING and then one wants it all immediately - but I still have several other Kingdoms to worry about so I really don’t care if it takes weeks to get troops or whatever.


Paying ANYTHING for a game that refuses to correct the ever increasing bugs is ludicrous. You reap what you sow.

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Im glad to see someone who shares my view, and you gave me a new perspective on end gamers so thank you for that

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I fully agree and this is part of the reason I am deleting my account and never going back to the game again. New kingdoms use to be one of the best things in the game. Saving up keys and opening them all on Friday hoping to get everything to mythic and then grinding more gold for keys to finish off the common and then messing around with the new troops to find a good team. I know this game needs to make money but it is a real shame that even new kingdoms have to be monetized. Even now I’m still missing one of the paid Nexus troops and the tarot.

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What??? No boss @Maxx. Just have a break. Maybe not delete your account yet…

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I’ve basically been on a break for the past 3 months. I’ve been in Mages for 6 months where I got 1500 trophies in the first 3 months and didn’t play a single battle for the last 3 months. Before I returned to the game late last year I didn’t even play for a year before that. I’ll still be on the Hoguns Discord. I don’t like the game anymore but I still love the guild.

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