Kindom Power Level adjustment


I would like to see a 4th bonus for the Kindom Power Level:
Completed Challenges: + xx/Challenge

That would round up all thing that are related to a kingdom.

Sidenote: Just mark the quest and challenge buttons in a kinddom, if there are compled 100%


100% agree. Challenges, and quests. I haven’t had a real reason to actually polish off all of these things in quite a while.


Agree, +1 for anything that makes quests and challenges more worthwhile…


I agree as well. Getting done big points for slogging through all those challenges might help alleviate a modicum of the passion of the necessary kingdom requirements!


Agreed, the story is pretty irrelevant right now, sadly. Long ago it seemed much more important, and even now I do enjoy the stories, but like the others say, there is no incentive to finish other than curiosity.


Which is a shame, as (with the localisation etc) the story quests are where a lot of the resource/costs for the devs go…