Kicked again Guild recruitment. Actual casual guild

Hi there! looking for a casual guild with no requirments? Well then Kicked again is for you! We understand that not everyone can play all day every day and do not care if you take breaks for a bit. We are here for players to enjoy the game at their own pace while still recieving guild rewards. We only ask that you sign in once every 2 weeks. Wether you join us or not we wish you fun times while playing and thanks for reading!


Hows the guild going? I seem to be to low level for the higher guilds.

Currently we are silver 1 but are rising at a rate that I predict gold in a week. And the guild is open to all especially newer players so we can help get them started!

Ok, please toss me an invite, i am trying to level up and play regularly, made it to rank 1 in pvp last week, got the deathknight armor, etc.

LOSSE is invite name

Mispost sorry

Sent the invite but said you are already in a guild. Sorry about the late reply.