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Brand new guild for new and casual members

Looking for people to join brand new guild WeAreWizards. Need officers to help! A place for casual players and new players. Only requirement is that you something contribute every week (whether it be gold, seals, etc).

hey there, i have recently picked this game up I’m at level 75. I’m not afraid to spend money on the game as i have been checking youtube for set up videos etc. i have the death knight armour
i was put in a guild where the last player was last active 534 days ago so fighting a losing battle with this one… i have a few teams i working with have a soul time - Valk - warlock x3 fully traited. have few damage dealers I’m working with but I’m so far behind I’m having trouble to get into a active guild where i can contribute as well get the rewards like i should be

Sorry, after a few days of no responses or interest I ended up joining VALLEY.

no problem thanks for the reply, and yeah same i ended up in a guild where they were active 534 days ago