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New Player (Lvl ~100) Looking for an Active Guild

Hello all,

Somehow I’ve never noticed this game on my phone before, but it seems right up my alley as far as what I find enjoyable in a (mostly) mobile game. Been playing for about three and a half days and just hit level 100. Decided to take a plunge for the Deathknight Armor and I’m planning on making this my primary game for the foreseeable future.

Right now I’m just in a random guild from the guild finder, but I’d love to join a more active guild. So far I have about half of the kingdoms unlocked and three of them up to level ten, so still a lot of progress to make before I’m beyond the early game.

If anyone has any open spots, and you don’t mind some dumb questions from time to time, please let me know.

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Hello :wave: you are welcome to check us out. The Unholy Family has 5 active guilds including one that is perfect to help you continue to grow. We mainly chat in Discord. Hope to see you there!