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Key to advance dialogue? (enter, space, anything!)

Is there a keyboard shortcut to advance dialogue in the kingdom storylines, or is giving new players carpal tunnel a hazing of some kind?


I’m not on Pc/mobile, but on the Xbox the X button skips dialog and makes the battles start quicker (when the enemy cut-scene is growling at you pre-battle).

There is a hint top right of screen that tells me to hit X. May be something similar for you. gl hf

it’s been a while since i last saw some dialog, but i seem to remember there either being a fast forward button somewhere in the corner. if that’s not the case then the escape button usually does the trick. do make sure not to spam it, you will still need to press the button with a mouseclick at the end of the dialog. if you press escape there you can go through the whole process again :slight_smile:


Mm, maybe see if you can buy an Xbox controller :stuck_out_tongue::slightly_smiling_face:. Makes spell casting easier, too, just gem selection that’s slower. (I.e., yes, carpal tunnel hazing.)

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Esc will do it.

But it’s bad input design not to have the equivalent on the mouse, when it’s primarily a mouse-only game.

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Thanks! I should have thought of Esc, as I’ve seen that behavior elsewhere in the game. It’s not exactly convenient, but it beats the dozen mouseclicks it takes otherwise. I do have an Xbox controller, but it seems like most of the game would be a pain with one. I might give it a try.

Esc actually doesn’t work. It backs you out of the dialog, which I suppose is expected behavior. AFAIK the only way to advance dialog is repetitive mouse clicks.

Apologies. Hope you didn’t get stuck.

The lack of obvious short-cut keys has long been an issue the devs have been very resistant on.

You might try the arrow keys, I suppose.

These are the X hints that advance dialog on the Xbox (upper right). If there isn’t a similar key on the PC/Mobile version, and your carpal tunnel gets too bad, get yourself an Xbox, and join The Horde.

We’ll have positions opening up shortly, and will be patient with you while you level up your new account. Chunky’s Raiders. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:

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