[RESOLVED] Could we get a dedicated BACK button shortcut on PC?

Normally I would prefer the Escape key, but since this is already bound to opening options, how about using Backspace?

Basically: hitting Backspace should do exactly the same as clicking the X on the current screen/dialog.

The code for this is already in place, as the “Back” button on android has the same functionality.

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do you mean alt+F4 ?

wasnt trying to be sarcastic just not exactly sure what did you have in mind,
ill experiment when i get home, kinda surprised esc doesnt work?

Alt F4 closes the whole game.

No, I mean that if I (on the main screen):
click troops button
click a troop
click crafting

Now I would like to:
Hit BACKSPACE (same as clicking X) to go back to troop selection with the troop selected (card open)
Hit BACKSPACE (same as clicking outside the card) to go back to troops overview
Hit BACKSPACE (same as clicking X) to be back on the main screen.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.


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