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Fix Storm Info!

When all enemy dies then i spamm X Button on PS4 I get the info over and over again although no storm prevails. pls fix this

Here not a Storm and i clicking X Button and he come the Info.

Same happens of PC using xbox controller

When I hit my hand with a hammer it hurts

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As @jzg pointed out it happens on PC using a Xbox controller, so it might be an issue with the interface and not something as simple and stupid as you put by mocking the OP.

Do you even know if X would be the button the console players need to press in order to advance to the next battle? I don’t know that, so i’m in no rush to be dismissive…

At PC/Mobile we are not experiencing such thing when we “click-click-click” to skip things unless, again, there is an XBox controller involved as it was pointed out.

Yes we PS4 Player must smash the X Button for Continue

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This is probably a very silly suggestion, but just to be safe: Can you test it using English as your default language? I haven’t see more comments or complaints about this so far, and it’s very unlikely that this issue is happening only on an specific language, but test it please.

Yeah you know what it was a garbage post and I shouldn’t have wrote it.

It is notable, though, that as a faithful input spammer on mobile I’ve had to be super-careful with when I start. The UI is riddled with things that’ll summon dialogs that both bring the 4x game to a 1x halt and require inconsistent inputs to dismiss. There are also many buttons that appear and if you haven’t memorized their locations you can end up spamming something that costs gems.

The bug is “if there’s no storm info this dialog appears”, but in the case where there is a storm active this is… halfway the expected behavior. I think the quickest fix right now is “wait a couple of seconds before spamming input”. You can’t really make that part of the game go faster by spamming input anyway.

But then, i think it’s fair to assume that it wasn’t here before, or else we would have stumbled into these kind of threads earlier. Anyway, this update seems to have a wide array of small things that were not here before, gems bouncing and screen “shaking” and freezing in a new position, just slightly, during explosions and it comes to the original place later after another “shaking” event. (At least it’s happening on my end and i’m not sure why so far…)

Here the same problem

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Yes, this part I agree with, it’s “a new obstacle to input spam” so it’s in “the devs have to comment on their whim here” territory. I don’t believe “spamming input to get done with battles faster” is a factor in their design, as evidenced by I have to watch a window animate my PvP score going up or down after every. single. combat.

If the point was to avoid spamming input of buttons in order to get things done faster they wouldn’t use a “Storm Info” pop-up… So it’s certainly a bug and maybe something with the intefarce software of consoles and the shortcut buttons as they need to assign functions to said buttons.

The weird thing is that in battle you use that button to select gems, and there is a different button for storm info

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I blame @Ozball as always.
But jokes aside he is assigned to sorcery (coding) stuff so i’m pinging him to take a look and maybe offer some insight or at least make sure the issue is correctly noted to be fixed as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the report on this. We’re currently investigating it.

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