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Just one more Gorgon

One of the silliest issues I am having is getting just 1 more gorgon.

Now why this is silly is my Mad Prophet which I kept disenchanting in the beginning for souls for over 2 months is about to make Mythic before I get my last gorgon (5) to Ascend Gorgie for his first Ascension.

Gorgie has been with me since the beginning, when he and little Archon were the only two real power houses I had to my team for the longest time

He’s been a good Gorgon… patiently waiting to appear (I swear hiding) in the chests. I’ve gotten other great companions and he’s gotten all his traits, and all his levels… but he just needs one more to Ascend…

Is there any real secret in getting Gorgon to appear in the chests???

He’s being real shy.


Get gems and gold, from maps or whatever, then go to arena and pick gorgon if/when he shows up. Win 8 arena games in a row and buy your last gorgon with gems. Not sure if this will work but i think gorgon is in arena.

@TaliaParks Has any chat disappeared from your guild like mine has been doing? Our chat lines keep getting deleted. Btw Good Luck with getting troops.

Tried that killerman3333 but ended up not being able to pick gorgon. :frowning:

Thank you for the suggestion though.

Haven’t noticed chat disappearances.

Best way, is waiting for a Wild Plains week event. When is easy to get with glory, gem, or event keys.
Without that event, maybe Arena like @killerman3333 said, but I think chance of appears of Gorgon could be a problem.

So gem keys or VIP keys if you have them. Anyway good luck, sometimes searching for an only troop is frustrating.

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It is random, so keep on tring, it is not guaranteed to come up, but you wont waste your gold after 2-3 battles.

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We don’t have chat on Consoles at the moment

Decide that you don’t actually want one. Convince yourself that you really, truly changed you mind and you have absolutely no need for another Gorgon. In fact, declare to the universe at large that you’re sick and tired of Gorgons, and you never want to see another one ever again. Then open a 50-pack of chests.

It’ll be 50 Gorgons.


Open Gem chests, Ultra Rares flow like candy at @Jainus’ house from them

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Topic says PC/mobile… LOL Was referring to the pc version. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I Love that idea… It always happens when you don’t want something — it shows up in hordes…